Winter-Spring 2018 Graduate Courses Schedule

For a brief course description, please go to the Course Descriptions page. To see the complete syllabus, please click on the course title below. Courses are subject to change or cancellation.

H = half credit                F = Fall Term (Sept-Dec)
Y = full credit                 S = Winter/Spring Term (Jan-Apr)

BA = Bahen Centre for IT
BL = Claude T. Bissell Building

ES = Earth Sciences Centre
GA = Gage Building
HS = Health Sciences Building
KP = Koffler Building
MS = Medical Science Building
OI = Ontraio Institute for Studies in Education
PGB = Physical Geography Building
RS = Rosebrugh Building
SSH = Sydney Smith Hall
TC = Trinity College
UC = University College

M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday  

Notice to all students entering the Environmental Studies Collaborative Specialization in 2017-18. If you wish to take the required core course ENV1001H Environmental Decision Making in either the fall or winter term 2017-18, please contact Graduate Administrator Pavel Pripa at who can enroll you. Each student must complete and submit the SGS Add/Drop course form before requesting to be enrolled. The form can be found on SGS website under Students Forms.

PLEASE NOTE: All graduate courses will start in the week of January 8th, 2018.

Course Code Sect. Code Course Instructor Day / Time Location Classes Start Classes End
ENV 1001H S Environmental Decision Making Kate Neville
T 12-3 ES 4000 Tue Jan 09 2018 Tue Jan 09 2018
ENV 1444H S Capitalist Nature Scott Prudham
R 2-4 TBA
ENV 1703H S Water Resource Management and Policy Lino Grima
Not Offered
ENV 1704H S Environmental Risk Analysis and Management Christopher Ollson
F 10-1 LM 123
ENV 3000H S Special Topics - Environmental and Health Contact Student Advisor for more info.
JSE1708H S The Development of Sustainability Thought John Robinson
T 10-12 and R 9-11 B019 (315 Bloor St. W.)
ENV 4001H S Graduate Seminars in Environment and Health Tania Onica
W 4-7 SS 1085
ENV 4444Y Y Internship Contact Graduate Office for more info.
ANT 6018H S Theories of Nature and Society Hilary Cunningham
T 2-4 AP 367
CHL 5112H S Community Development in Health Blake Poland
Not Offered
CHL 5903H S Environmental Health Ray Copes
W 1-4 HS 614
CHL 5911H S Occupational and Environmental Hygiene II Paul Bezek
R 9-12 GA 104
CHM 1415H S Topics in Atmospheric Chemistry Jennifer Murphy
T&R 9-10am LM 157
CSC 2720H S Systems Thinking for Global Problems Steve Easterbrook
(416) 978 3610
M 10-1 BA 2175
FOR 1270H S Forest Biomaterial Sciences Ning Yan
Not Offered
FOR 1288H S Design and Manufacturing of Biomaterials Krigstin
M 4-6 SS 1073
FOR 1416H S Forest Fire Danger Rating Mike Wotton
T 12-2 ES 4001
JGE 1420H S Urban Waste Management Virginia Maclaren
Not offered
JGE 1609H S Cities, Industry and Environment Pierre Desrochers
Not offered
JNC 2503H S Environmental Pathways Charles Jia
Not Offered
JNP 1014Y Y Interdisciplinary Pharmacology Peter Mcpherson
JPG 1403H S Political Ecology of African Environments T. Kepe
Not Offered
JPG 1404H S Issues in Global Warming D. Harvey
Not Offered
JPG 1429H S Political Ecology of Food and the Agrarian Question M. Ekers
Not Offered
JPG 1428H S Managing Urban Ecosystems T. Conway
Not Offered
LHA 1160H S Introduction to Transformative Learning Studies Adams Perry
Not Offered
PHY 2502H S Climate System Dynamics Richard Peltier
W 10-12 MP 713
PHY 2504H S Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics Nicolas Grisouard
PHY 2505H S Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding Kaley Walker
M&R 3-4 MP 505
PLA 1610H S Environmental Planning and Policy Virginia Maclaren
M 4-6 SS 5017A
POL 2213H S Global Environmental Politics Kate Neville
Not Offered
LHA 1131H S Special Topics in Adult Education Commons Communities and Social Justice Angela Miles
Not Offered
CIV 1399H S Special Studies in Civil Engineering - Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Global Health Ray Cantwell
M 6-8 GB 217
LHA 1197H S The Pedagogy of Food Jennifer Sumner
W 9-12 TBA
MIE 1120H S Current Energy Infrastructure and Resources David Sinton
TBA TBA Mon Jan 09 2017 Mon Apr 03 2017