Student Work-Study Positions

Work Study program provides opportunities of part-time employment for eligible students. In addition to financial income, the majority of Work-Study jobs offer practical experience related to students' field of study or work duties which may allow students to explore future academic programs or career areas. The School of the Environment offers work study positions in a variety of career areas.

Note: There may be Work-Study positions available for the Summer, 2012, session!

Students are eligible to participate in Work-Study if they have:

  • applied and qualified for 2012-13 OSAP assistance as a resident of Ontario
  • applied and qualified for student financial aid from a province other than Ontario (proof required)
  • received a 2012-13 UTAPS letter confirming their eligibility for Work-Study
    registered in at least 60%* of a full course load for the 2012-13 academic year (*40% for students with permanent disabilities).

PLEASE NOTE: Students registered in Toronto School of Theology programs are ineligible to participate in the Work-Study Program.

Exceptions and special considerations to the above criteria are available. Students who have applied to the government financial aid program appropriate to their situation and have their results as the first step in meeting their financial need and prior to applying to Work-Study.

Some common special situations that will be considered:

  • applied for OSAP but did not qualify for funding
  • qualified for assistance from their band through the Aboriginal Student Support Program
  • are refugee claimants
  • are in less than 60% of a full course load and have special financial need not being met by other available sources

Students with special circumstances must complete a Special Work-Study Application which is available only from:

  • Admissions and Awards
  • Registrarial Services and the Career Centre at University of Toronto Mississauga , South Building
  • Academic Advising & Career Centre at University of Toronto Scarborough , Science Wing, Room AC213

The deadline for special applications: Completed Special Application and any required documentation must be received by Admissions and Awards on or before early October, 2012 (exact date TBA)

Currently OSAP policy states that a student may have an average income of $50 per week during the study period. A higher income could reduce a student's OSAP entitlement or result in an overpayment affecting future assistance.
The actual effect depends on factors such as how much OSAP funding a student is receiving and whether there is other study period income in addition to Work-Study income.

Work Study positions for the 2012-13 academic year will be posted in late August/early September, 2012 (exact date TBA)

Work Study Positions Available

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