New Centre for Environment Appointments, July 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009 3:22:10 AM

The Centre for Environment is pleased to announce the following new appointments:

Dr. Christian Abizaid (PhD, McGill 2007) has been appointed to the position of Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography and Centre for Environment.  Dr. Abizaid will be joining us in July, 2010 and will continue in his post-doc position at McGill until that time.  His research interests include rural livelihoods and their implications for conservation and poverty alleviation in tropical forest regions of Latin America.  His post-doc research examines nature and structure of cooperative labour exchanges in agrarian societies and their influence on land inequalities.

Professor Anthony (Tony) Davis, Associate Professor (retired) of the Department of Geography will serve as our Undergraduate Coordinator from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.  Many thanks to Karen Ing for serving in this position until June 30, 2009.  Dr. Davis' research interests include paleoecology of Great Lakes and boreal wetlands, and coastal change and human adaptation. At the Centre for Environment, he has taught ENV395Y Special Topics Field Course: Ecology & Conservation in Amazon & Galapagos.  Email:; Office: Earth Sciences 1016V or Sidney Smith 5037; Tel: 416-946-0270 (SS).

Mr. Kundan Kumar, who has been awarded a three-year CLTA in the Dept. of Geography and the Centre for Environment, effective August 1, 2009. Mr. Kumar is completing a Ph.D. in Resource Development from Michigan State University (expected September 2009).  His dissertation is on the topic of "Territorialisation, Resistance and Democratic Spaces in Forested Landscapes of Orissa, India".  His research interests include: forest rights and tenure; forest tenure reforms; democratization and decentralization of forest governance; environment and climate justice; environmental governance and civil society; social and environmental movements.  Mr. Kumar will be teaching two courses in Geography and two at the Centre in 2009-10.  His geography courses will be a new fourth year course on environmental justice and an advanced environmental justice course at the graduate level. At CFE, he will be teaching two courses at the undergraduate level for the Centre, most likely a first year seminar course and a third course on multicultural perspectives on environmental management.

Dr. Tim Leduc has joined us this month as a SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow until May, 2011 under the supervision of Professor Stephen Scharper.  He will be conducting research on interdisciplinary environmental pedagogy in Canada's universities.  He received his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from York University.  At the Centre for Environment, he has taught ENV333H Ecological Worldviews and ENV1008H Worldviews and Ecology and co-taught JGE221Y Environment and Sustainable Development.  For more information, please visit Post-Doctoral Fellows page.