Centre for Environment’s latest graduate alumni convocate in June

Thursday, June 23, 2011 10:01:00 AM

Students News

The Centre for Environment congratulates the following alumni who convocated in June 2011, after completing a collaborative graduate program offered by the Centre.  Titles of their research papers or theses are included. 

Matthew Aiken, M.B.A., Management/CFE ES; supervisor: Ignatius Horstmann, Management.  Green Supply Chain Management.

Anna Chase, Ph.D., Curriculum, Learning and Teaching (OISE/UT)/CFE ES; supervisor: Gary Knowles, Adult Education and Counselling Psychology (OISE/UT). Enveloped by Ocean Life: Experiences of SCUBA Diving.

Hiba El-Cheikh Ali, M.F.C. Forestry/CFE ES; supervisor: Neera Singh, Forestry. Urban Forest Awareness by Different Ethnic Communities in Ottawa/Gatineau.

Munya Kabba, Ph.D., Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (OISE/UT)/CFE ES; supervisor: George Dei, Sociology and Equity Studies in Education.  Critical Investigation of the Sierra Leone Conflict: A Moral Practical Reconstruction of Crisis and Colonization in the Evolution of Society.

Sedric Pankras Mettlemary, Ph.D., Forestry/CFE ES; supervisor: Paul Cooper, Forestry. Influence of Alkaline Copper Quat (Acq) Solution Parameters on Copper Complex Distribution and Leaching.

Kate Parizeau, Ph.D., Geography/CFE ES; supervisor: Virginia Maclaren, Geography. Urban Dirty Work: Labour Strategies, Environmental Health, and Coping Among Informal Recyclers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sarah Shujah, M.I., Information/CFE ES; supervisor: Matt Ratto, Information. Bringing Food Democracy to the Patron's Dinner Table: How do Social Inclusion and Food Democracy Interrelate and Should Libraries Care?

Smith Sundar, Ph.D., Forestry/CFE ES; supervisor: Mohini Sain, Forestry. Chemical Modification of Cellulose Fibers and Their Orientation in Magnetic Field.

Jenaya Webb, M.I., Information/CFE ES; supervisor: Matt Ratto, Information.  Information Practices/Environmental practices: Leveraging Approaches from Information Studies to Understand Household Environmental Practices.

Hajera Amatullah
, M.P.H., Public Health/CFE EH; supervisor: Jeremy Scott, Public Health.  In-Vitro and In-Vivo Studies Investigating the Cardiopulmonary Effects of Particulate Air Pollution.

Michelle North, Ph.D., Medical Sciences/CFE EH; supervisors: Jeremy Scott, Public Health and Frances Silverman, Medicinel.  L-Arginine Metabolism Regulates Airways Responsiveness in Asthma and Exacerbation by Air Pollution.

Priyanka Raj, M.P.H., Public Health/ CFE EH. Coursework program in Occupational and Environmental Health.

Tara Zupancic, M.H.Sc., Public Health/ CFE EH. Coursework program in Health Promotion.

For previous graduate alumni, please visit http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Research/GraduateResearch.aspx.

For information on collaborative programs, please visit: http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Graduate/Programs.aspx.