Centre for Environment's Latest Graduate Alumni Convocate in November

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 1:00:00 PM

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The Centre for Environment congratulates the following alumni who have convocated in November 2011, after completing a graduate program offered by the Centre. Titles of their research papers or theses are included.  For previous graduate alumni, please visit: http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Research/GraduateResearch.aspx.

For information on collaborative programs: http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Graduate/Programs.aspx

For previous graduate alumni, please visit http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Research/GraduateResearch.aspx.


Troy Dixon, M.A., Nov 2011,  Political Science/CFE ES; supervisor:  Victor Falkenheim, Political Science. ‘Commercial Experimentation', the Precautionary Principle & Comparative Approaches to Synthetic Chemicals Regulation: A Political ‘Roadmap' to Achieving Preventative Health in Canada.

Raluca Ellis, Ph.D., Nov 2011, Chemistry/CFE ES; supervisor: Jennifer Murphy, Chemistry.  Using High Resolution Measurements and Models to Investigate the Behaviour of Atmospheric Ammonia.

Nilima Gandhi, Ph.D., Nov 2011, Chemical Engineering/CFE ES; supervisor: Miriam Diamond, Geography.  Improvements in Hazard and Life Cycle Impact Assessment Method for Metals in Freshwaters - Addressing Issues of Metal Speciation, Fate, Exposure and Ecotoxicity.

Ashleigh Ingle, M.Sc., Nov 2011, Physics/CFE ES; supervisor: Paul Kushner, Physics.  The effects of different ecosystems and growth patterns on climate models.

Jessica Lemieux, M.A., Nov 2011, Political Science/CFE ES; supervisor: Victor Falkenheim, Political Science. Social Movement or Alternative Lifestyles? An Evaluation of Transition Towns from a Sociological Perspective.

Angela Loder, Ph.D., Nov 2011, Geography/CFE ES; supervisors: Ted Relph Social Sci, UTSC, and Sarah Wakefield, Geography.  Greening the City: Exploring Health, Well-Being, Green Roofs, and the Perception of Nature in the Workplace.

Kaoruko Nitohbe, M.A., Nov 2011, Political Science/CFE ES; supervisor: Ryan Balot, Political Science.  The Articulation of Environmentalism in Third World: A Case Study of Forest Management Governance in Uganda, Africa

Tajinder Singh Bhatia, Ph.D., Nov 2011, Forestry/CFE ES; supervisor: Shashi Kant, Forestry. Economic Analyses of World's Carbon Markets

Jessica Spina, M.A., Nov 2011, Political Science/CFE ES; supervisor: Ryan Balot, Political Science. Cracked Corn: Examining the Political Popularity of First Generation Ethanol as both an Outcome and an Indication of the Interconnections between Agriculture and Energy Policies in America.

Daniel Suarez, M.A., Nov 2011, Geography/CFE ES; supervisor: Scott Prudham, Geography. Rearticulating Nature: Ecosystem Services in British Columbia and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.


Ifad Syed, M.P.H, Nov 2011, Public Health/CFE EH.  Practicum in Occupational and Environmental Health.

Andrew Thomas, M.P.H., Nov 2011, Public Health/CFE EH; supervisor: Frances Silverman Medicine.  Research Practicum in Occupational and Environmental Health: Cardio-respiratory Health Effects from Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds.