U of T student blogs about summer conservation and development research in Uganda

Thursday, September 13, 2012 9:39:00 AM


(Photo: http://quitethejaunt.blogspot.ca/)

Emma Cancelliere, fourth year Bachelor’s student (Biological Anthropology Specialist and Environmental Studies minor), recently returned from Uganda completing an independent research project (ENV 492H) offered by the School of the Environment.  She participated in the first field internship offered by the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, assisting with science-based assessment of JGI’s conservation and development initiatives in western Uganda. 

Her project, Conservation and Development: Changing perspectives towards primates in Uganda, is a field-based research project in Hoima, Western Uganda, a region is currently engaged in a long-term Sustainable Livelihoods project with the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. The goal of her project is to understand how local perspectives change in relation to development and intervention strategies, and what expectations the community holds for primate and resource management in the future. On a larger scale, her research will seek to understand the theoretical basis of how people's perspectives and attitudes are shifted by changing environments and external agency action, and how this leads to behavioural changes. In this context, she hopes that the information will deepen her understanding of conservation policy, development, and community-centred conservation initiatives.

Read her blog and see her photos at http://quitethejaunt.blogspot.ca/