New EcoEco intiative at Hart House to look at the sustainable dilemma of Ecology and Economy

Friday, January 11, 2008 1:39:51 AM

Student News

By Jenifer Newcombe

Does sustainability require a re-imagination of capitalism as we know it?

What innovative solutions are being generated and by whom?

Can we find a place of balance and respect for both ecology and economy in the 21st century?

At what level is action most effectively taken?

What can you do?

These are just a few of the questions that we hope to address at Hart House during the course of a year of wide-ranging and multidisciplinary programming that explores the challenges of sustainability.

Ecology and Economy are powerful forces often purposefully pitted against each other, with citizens told their choice is either one or the other. Our theme, Ecology Economy: A Sustainable Dilemma? (EcoEco), seeks to acknowledge this dynamic, while moving beyond it to raise awareness, passion, and action and foster dialogue on the myriad of relevant players and issues.

In the Fall of 2007, some of the EcoEco events have included the “Climate change: global problem, local action!” student conference (see online Winter 2007-08 news article), a reading with Adria Vasil, ecoholic columnist for NOW Magazine, a panel discussion on corporate responsibility with representatives from industry-leaders in green business strategies (Husky, Minto and Jantzi Social Research) and moderated by Sue McGeachie, Adjunct Professor of the Centre for Environment (CFE), and the first seminar in the new student series hosted by the Centre for Environment featuring Dr. Martin Kijazi, recent Ph.D. graduate of the Faculty of Forestry and CFE’s Environmental Studies Program, on environmental and economic entitlements in moderating human and environmental well-being in Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

In the Spring term of 2008, the exploration will continue with programming that will target issues such as the intersection of social justice and environment and a look at cycling issues in the city. Our Spring 2008 line-up includes:

  • Centre for Environment and EcoEco student seminar series: January 17, 31 and March 20, 2008;
  • EcoEco Film Series: beginning January 22, 2008, Arbor Room, Hart House;
  • Can Music Save the Environment?: February 7, 2008, Arbor Room, Hart House;
  • Café Scientifique and Ontario Science Centre forum on environment and health: March 15, 2008, 4pm at The Rivoli;
  • U of T campus-wide ZEROFOOTPRINT challenges: beginning in January, 2008.

EcoEco invites you to rethink common practices, examine environmental issues, and implement sustainable ways of positively participating in both the environment and economy.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, or presenting an event, please call 416-978-2452 or email For more information on EcoEco and its events, please visit and click on the EcoEco icon or join the Facebook group EcoEco (

Jenifer Newcombe is Programme Advisor at Hart House.