Elizabeth Edwards appointed inaugural Director of BioZone

Friday, April 15, 2011 9:35:00 AM


Elizabeth Edwards(Photo from www.engineering.utoronto.ca)

Professor Elizabeth Edwards, of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, has recently been named Director of BioZone, a new multidisciplinary centre for collaborative bioengineering research located at the University of Toronto (Wallberg Building, 200 College St.) which opened its doors in September, 2010. 

The research conducted in the new centre focuses on the interface of biology and engineering, with most groups focusing on utilizing microbial proteins or enzymes for the remediation of soil, water and air as well as the creation of renewable bioproducts. In addition, the Centre will coordinate a set of graduate courses in bioscience, bioengineering and related disciplines.

Professor Edwards' honours include a 2009 Synergy Award for Innovation for outstanding achievements of university-industry collaboration. Professor Edwards' partnership with Geosyntec Consultants focused on the development of effective techniques for using bacteria to clean up contaminated groundwater sites; she and Geosyntec Consultants were also key partners in the creation of BioZone.

BioZone is comprised of nine research groups led by Chemical Engineering Professors Grant Allen, Levente L. Diosady, R. Mahadevan, Emma Master, Alison McGuigan, Alexei Savchenko, Bradley Saville and Alexander Yakunin, along with Professor Edwards. The university-wide BioZone community comprises more than 130 people, including undergraduate and graduate students, research associates as well as administrative and technical staff.  The group also works with researchers from other areas at U of T as well as industry partners.

As of last fall BioZone had raised $42.6 million, including $6.5 million from U of T for the construction of a new wing on the roof of the Wallberg Memorial Building.

This is an edited excerpt from an article found at http://www.engineering.utoronto.ca

For more information on Dr. Edwards' research, please visit http://chem-eng.utoronto.ca/~biodegraders/ and http://www.beem.utoronto.ca/

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