Report proposes energy efficiency standards for new buildings at U of T

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 3:03:00 PM

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Proposals for Energy Efficiency Standards for New Buildings at the University of Toronto. December 2011.

Prepared by the Subcommittee on Buildings and Utilities for the St. George Sustainability Advisory Committee, this report presents recommendations for changes in the design process for new buildings at U of T's St. George (downtown) campus to address the dual challenges of global warming and resource depletion, while significantly reducing its current and future energy costs.  It presents data outlining the high energy use in buildings at U of T, an outline of the current design process at U of T and proposals and recommendations for existing and new buildings and the implementation of an integrated design process that would ensure the incorporation of low-energy building practices into university design standards.

The purpose of the St. George Sustainability Advisory Committee is to generate and promote sustainability initiatives at all levels of University governance, as well as to provide campus specific guidance on program development and delivery, and on future plans of the U of T Sustainability Office. The Committee also assists in creating and strengthening partnerships with the Office's campus community (primarily students, faculty & staff) and provides accountability to the Office's target audiences.  Sub-committees have been established on transportation; buildings and utilities; and food and waste.  The meetings are open to all U of T community members.

The above summary includes excerpts taken from the abovementioned report.

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