School of the Environment’s latest graduate alumni convocate in June 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012 9:37:00 AM


The School of the Environment congratulates the following graduate alumni who convocated in June 2012 after completing a graduate collaborative program offered by the former Centre for Environment.  Titles of their research papers or theses are included. 

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Douglas Creighton, M.F.C., June 2012, Forestry/Environment ES; supervisor: Andy Kenney, Forestry. The Certification Market: The role of consumers for its expansion into the wood products market.

Kristina Djokic
, M.Ed., June 2012, OISE/UT Adult Education and Counselling Psychology/Environment ES; supervisor: Jennifer Sumner, AECP. Transformations for Sustainability.

Doug Duckworth, M.Sc.Pl., Geography Planning/Environment ES; supervisor: Paul Hess, Geography.  Garages Facing Other Garages: Downtown revitalization and automobile parking in St. Louis City.

John Maiorano, M.Ed., June 2012, OISE/UT (Sociology & Equity Studies in Education)/Environment ES, Supervisor:  Beth Savan, Environment. Barriers to Energy Efficiency Projects and the Uptake of Green Revolving Funds in Canadian Universities.

Tajinder Singh Bhatia, Ph.D., March 2012, Forestry/Environment ES; supervisor: Shashi Kant, Forestry. Economic Analyses of World’s Carbon Markets.

Anne Vallentin, M.Ed., June 2012, OISE/UT (Adult Education and Counselling Psychology)/Environment ES; supervisor: Jennifer Sumner, OISE (AECP).  Coming to the Table: Learning Care for the Land.

Jason VanSlack, M.Ed., June 2012, OISE UT (Adult Education and Counselling Psychology)/Environment ES; supervisor: Jennifer Sumner, AE.  Promoting Sustainability along the North Shore of Lake Superior through Public Education and Outreach.



Michael Weisbrot, M.P.H. June 2012, Public Health/Environment E&H. Practicum in occupational and Environmental Health.