School of Environment's latest graduate alumni convocate in November 2012

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 10:50:00 AM


Congratulates to the following graduate alumni who convocated in November 2012 after
completing a graduate collaborative program offered by the School of the Environment.  Titles of their research papers or theses are included below.

Research topics of previous graduate alumni.
Information on graduate collaborative programs.

Jonathan Fung, M.Sc. Geography/ES. Supervisor: Jing Chen, Geography. Atmospheric Inversion of the Global Surface Carbon Flux with Consideration of the Spatial Distributions of US Crop Production and Consumption.

Nazmus Saadat, M.Sc.F., Forestry/ES. Supervisor: Paul Cooper, Forestry.  Factors Affecting Distribution of Borate to Protect Building Envelope Components from Biodegradation.

Daniel Traynor, M.A., English/ES. Supervisor: Stanka Radovic, English. Imagining Cities with Nature: An Experiential Study in Working towards Urban Sustainability.

Stephanie Vanthof, M.Sc., Geography/ES. Supervisor: Danny Harvey, Geography. Future Heat Stress in Urban Areas Based on Maximum Wetbulb Temperatures.

Jennifer Weaver, Ph.D., Geography UT Mississauga/ES. Supervisors: Tenley Conway, Geography UTM and Marie-Josée Fortin, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Invasive Species Distribution Models: An Analysis of Scale, Sample Selection Bias, Transferability and Prediction.

Xianming Zhang, Ph.D., Chemistry/ES. Supervisor: Frank Wania, Physical and Environmental Sciences, UT Scarborough. Passive Air Samplers for Semivolatile Organic Compounds: Experiments, Modeling, and Field Application.

Emily Groot, M.P.H., Public Health/E&H. Practicum in Social and Behavioural Health Sciences.

Benita Tam, Ph.D., Geography/E&H. Supervisor: William Gough, Physical and Environmental Sciences, UT Scarborough. The Effects of Weather and Climate Variability on the Well-being of a Rural and Urban Aboriginal Group in Ontario, Canada.