Graduate Alumni, November 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007 12:14:59 PM

Academic News

The Centre for Environment congratulates the following alumni who have graduated in November, 2007, after completing a graduate program offered by the Centre (CFE). Included is the title of their research paper or thesis. 


Gabriel Eidelman, M.A., November 2007, Political Science/ CFE ESP. Course work program.

Judith Eigenbrod, M.Sc., November 2007, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/CFE ESP; supervisor: Dudley Williams, Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T Scarborough.

Effects of Anthropogenically Induced Groundwater Discharge on Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities in Urban Streams.

Martin Kijazi, Ph.D., November 2007, Forestry/CFE-ESP; supervisor: Shashi Kant, Forestry.

Stakeholder-Centered Evaluations of Needs, Priorities and Well-Being of Forest Beneficiaries, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Terris Lutter M.A., November 2007, Geography/CFE-ESP; supervisor: Michael Bunce, Geography, U of T Scarborough.

Food Security and the “Biofuel Panacea”: A Case Study of the Barbados “Fuel Cane” Project.

Corey MacIver, M.A., November 2007, Political Science/ CFE ESP. Course work program.

Lisa Melymuk, M.Sc., November 2007, Geography/CFE-ESP; supervisor: Miriam Diamond, Geography.

Are PCBs Really Legacy POPs? A Spatial Evaluation of PCBs in Toronto, Canada.  [Editor’s note: POPs are Persistent Organic Pollutants.]



Liana Del Gobbo, M.Sc., November 2007, Geography/ CFE EHP; supervisor: Miriam Diamond, Geography.

Consumer and Environmental Factors Influencing Benefits and Risks of Fish Consumption.

Robin Kortright, M.A., November 2007, Geography/ CFE EHP; supervisor: Sarah Wakefield, Geography

Edible Backyards: Residential Land Use for Food Production in Toronto. (see online Winter 2007-08 news article for brief summary)

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(Centre for Environment program at the Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T at Scarborough.)


Madiha Saeed, M.Env.Sc., November 2007; supervisor: Frank Wania, Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T at Scarborough.

Determination of the global distribution of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using passive air samplers and the relationship between population density and PAH concentration.

Jingyang Zhao, M.Env.Sc., November 2007; supervisor: George Arhonditsis, Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T at Scarborough.

Competition patterns among phytoplankton functional groups: how useful are the complex mathematical models?

The following students completed internships at Conestoga-Rovers & Associates Ltd.; Custom Data Imaging Corporation; Engineering & Public Works, Town of Richmond Hill; Environment Canada; Curd Inco Ltd.; Innovest Strategic Value Advisors; International Development Research Centre; Ontario Ministry of the Environment; City of Toronto; Soil Engineers Ltd.; Sustainability Office, U of T Scarborough; or Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

Aamna Arora, Kristy Chow, Shaun DeSouza, Lisa Dumond, Jamila Elmir, Sherif Kinawy, Leanne Kresky, Gladys Mok, May Quach, Nathalie Tauvette, Allan Truong, Hiu Ching Elizabeth Tsui, Sheng Yang, Xiaohua Yang.

For more information on the M.Env.Sc. program, please visit: or contact Julie Quenneville,