Centre for Environment's Most Recent Graduate Alumni (March and June, 2008)

Friday, September 5, 2008 3:17:00 AM

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The Centre for Environment congratulates the following alumni who have convocated in March or June, 2008, after completing a graduate program offered by the Centre. Titles of research paper or thesis are included.  For a full list of 2007-08 graduate alumni, please visit: http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Research/GraduateResearch.aspx

For more information on collaborative programs, please visit: http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Graduate/Programs.aspx

For more information on the M.Env.Sc. program, please visit: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~envsci/menvsci/

Chris Gore, Ph.D., March 2008, Political Science/CFE ES; supervisor: Richard Stren, Political Science.  Power and Process: The Politics of Electricity Sector Reform in Uganda

Sarah King, Ph.D., June 2008, Religion/CFE ES; supervisor: Ingrid Stefanovic, Philosophy/CFE.  Contested Place: Religion and Values in the Dispute, Burnt Church/Esgenoôpetitj, New Brunswick. 
(Sarah is our first graduate in the Environmental Studies collaborative program with the Centre for the Study of Religion.)

David Sider
, Ph.D., June 2008, Geography/CFE ES; supervisor: Virginia Maclaren, Geography.  Community-Based Urban Environmental Management: A Case Study of Low-Income Settlements in Delhi, India.

Stephanie Suski, M.H.Sc., March, 2008; Public Health Sciences/CFE EH; supervisor: Ann Fox, Nutritional Sci.  Course work program in Community Nutrition.

(Centre for Environment program at the Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T at Scarborough.) 

Research Option:
Lisa Sealock
, M.Env.Sc. June 2008; supervisor: Mathew Wells.  Residence timescales and the underlying hydrodynamic processes in Frenchman's Bay, a Lake Ontario coastal embayment. 

Internship Option:

The following alumni convocated in June 2008 and completed internships at Novopharm; Office of Interprofessional Education, U of T Health Network; or York-Durham Regional Environmental Laboratory: Andrea Accardo, Yee Ki Esther Lee , Sanja Lukic, Robert Salemi, and Dhinesh Sivananthan.