Centre for Environment's most recent graduate alumni (November, 2009)

Friday, December 4, 2009 11:15:00 AM

The Centre for Environment congratulates the following alumni who have convocated in November 2009, after completing a graduate program offered by the Centre. Titles of their research papers or theses are included.  For previous graduate alumni, please visit: http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Research/GraduateResearch.aspx.

For information on collaborative programs: http://www.environment.utoronto.ca/Graduate/Programs.aspx

For information on M.Env.Sc. program, please visit: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~envsci/menvsci/

Eric Courchesne, M.A., Political Science/CFE ES; supervisor: Michael Stein, Political Science. Global Trends: System Analysis, Human Networks and Energy Innovations in the 21st Century.

Sarah Da Silva, M.A., Geography/CFE ES; supervisor: Danny Harvey, Geography. Beyond Indicators and Reporting: Needs, Limitations and Applicability of Environmental Indicators and State of the Environment Reporting.

Angela Doku, M.A. , Economics/CFE ES; supervisor: Don Dewees, Economics. Pollution and Development in Ghana: Trade, Aid, and Environmental Pollution.

Natalya Gomez, M.Sc., Physics/CFE ES; supervisor: Jerry Mitrovica, Physics. Sea-Level Changes Following Variations in Mass of the Polar Ice Sheets.

Emma Hemmingsen, M.A., Geography/CFE ES; supervisor: Scott Prudham, Geography/CFE. Producing Barrels from Bitumen: A Political Ecology of Price in Explaining the Classification of the Alberta Oil Sands as a Proven Oil Reserve.

Anthony Kimaro, Ph.D., Forestry/CFE ES; supervisor: Vic Timmer, Forestry. Sequential Agroforestry Systems for Improving Fuelwood Supply and Crop Yield in Semi-arid Tanzania.

Katharine Myrans, M.Sc., Geography/CFE ES; supervisors: Danny Harvey, Geography; Brad Bass, CFE/Environment Canada. Comparative Energy and Carbon Assessment of Three Green Technologies for a Toronto Roof.

Andrea Sabelli, M.A., Geography/CFE ES; supervisor: Thembela Kepe, Geography. Carbon Opportunities and Carbon Losses in the Peruvian Amazon: Farmers' Interests in the Offset Business.

Laina Smith, M.A., Geography/CFE ES; supervisor: Virginia Maclaren, Geography. Green Bin Participation: A Case Study of Multi-Residential Buildings in Toronto.

Tracie Greenberg, M.Sc., Geography UT Mississauga/CFE EH; supervisor: Harvey Shear, Geography UTM. Nutrient Cycling and Water Pollution in Lake Zapotlan, Mexico.

(Centre for Environment program at the Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T at Scarborough, PES UTSC; supervisors indicated below have main appointments at PES UTSC with graduate faculty appointments at the Centre for Environment) 

Research Option:
Alexey Gudimov, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: George Arhonditsis.  Eutrophication Risk Assessment in Hamilton Harbour:  System Analysis and Evaluation of Nutrient Loading  Scenarios.

Bogdan Hlevca, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: Mathew Wells. Influence of the channel width upon the water exchange driven by lake seiches in the coastal wetlands of the Great Lakes.

Shamsul Tarafder, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: Carl Mitchell.  Mercury transport through urban watersheds, Toronto Ontario.

Robert Wiedemann, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: Carl Mitchell. Linking Long-Term Sulphate Deposition to Methylmercury Production in an Experimental Peatland.

Internship Option:
The following alumni completed internships in 2009 at: AMEC, Lively, ON; Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Chalk River, ON; Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ottawa, ON; Canadian Wildlife Service, Toronto, ON; China- Centre for Environmental Assessment, Beijing, China; City of Gatineau, Gatineau, QC; Dillon Consulting, Kimberley, BC; Environment Canada (Chemical Sector, Toronto; Chemical Sectors and Chemical Substances Directorates, Ottawa, ON); Filter Innovations, Toronto, ON; GEEP Inc., Barrie, ON; Health Canada, Chemical Substances Division, Ottawa, ON; Imperial Oil, Calgary, Alberta; Intrinsik Environmental, Mississauga, ON; Office of the Auditor General, Ottawa, ON; ON Ministry of Environment, Toronto, ON; Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, ON; Silicon Valley Leadership Group, San Jose, California; SVS Technologies and Research Inc., Concord, ON; Terrapex Environmental, Toronto, ON; Toronto Environmental Alliance, Toronto, ON; Town of Richmond Hill, Richmond Hill, ON; Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Toronto, ON; United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya; University of Toronto; Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC.

Krysta-Lee Anderson, Kiran Anwar, John Armour, Edyta Chorostkowska, Theadora Geach, Laura Gail Hill, Farah Hirani, Raluca Hlevca, Ann Marie Jesupillai, Mohammad Tarique Kamal, Jessica Karpowicz, Sepideh Khairkhahi, Hugh Langley, Stephanie Maguire, Megan Mclean, Claire Moura, Karen Mrema, Peter Ng, Alana Phelps, Katherine Pieczora, Yue Qiao, Mathura Ragavan, Anina Sakaguchi, Christian Tenaglia, Caitlin Vanderkooy, Yuan-Ling Wang, Rani Wiedemann, David Young, Joyce Zhang, Maria Zintchenko.