New Environmental Science Bachelors major created with University engagement

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 5:02:00 AM

The launch of the new School of the Environment in July 2012 was seen as an opportunity to
re-engage with the larger University community to collectively review ongoing and emerging research and teaching interests around the environment.  Led by the Faculty of Arts and Science by Vice Dean Sandy Welsh, the results of this consultation process brought about modifications to our core Environmental Studies program and more major changes to the newly named Environmental Science B.Sc. program. 

Environmental Studies B.A. Major

With only minor modifications, the Environmental Studies program now consists of a series of second year core courses to provide students with a common preparatory background, a minimum single course in each of three core areas (environmental policy, law & society; environmental thought & ethics; environmental science), and 3.5 FCEs (Full Course Equivalents) of electives from an approved list of environment related courses offered through the School and other environment related departments within the Faculty of Arts and Science.

New Environmental Science B.Sc. Major
More extensive discussions and revisions were done in the Environment and Science program to create the new Environmental Science major. These discussions resulted in the creation of new courses, and revised admissions and core course requirements. New courses include:


We are looking forward to building upon this momentum to further explore opportunities for new courses and collaborations.

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