Nuclear Research Group formed to encourage work on the environmental effects of the nuclear industry

Friday, December 5, 2008 9:45:00 AM

Research News

In the summer of 2008, Anna Stanley, a geographer at the University of Ireland-Galway and Laurel MacDowell, an environmental historian at U of T Mississauga, organized a discussion/research group called the "Nuclear Research Group". Members consist of historians, geographers, anthropologists, and specialists in health, science and technology, as well as those who have published work on various aspects of the nuclear industry in Canada, North America and elsewhere.

Drs. Stanley and MacDowell also received a small grant from the Network in Canadian History and Environment to support a meeting of the approximately twenty members who are among the leading scholars in North America from several disciplines studying various aspects of the nuclear industry. The inaugural meeting will be held at the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities in May 2009 at Carleton University, Ottawa at which current and future research projects as well as collaborative efforts will be discussed. The outcomes from this meeting will be publicised and the set-up of a list serve is also planned for participants to discuss their mutual interests between meetings and to encourage continued research and comparative on the environmental effects of the nuclear industry.

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