New SSHRC-funded post-doctoral fellow joins the School the Environment

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 10:55:00 AM

The School of the Environment welcomes Dr. Joanne Moyer as a new SSHRC-funded post-doctoral fellow from January 2013 to December 2014.  She will be studying faith-based organizations doing environmental work in Canada and the U.S.A., exploring their role in the environmental movement and ways in which learning for sustainability is transferred through the organizations to their target audience.  Her work will be under the supervision of Professor Stephen Scharper of the Department of Anthropology, UT Mississauga, and the School of the Environment.

Dr. Moyer recently completed a Ph.D. in Natural Resource and Environmental Management at the University of Manitoba exploring faith-based organizations engaged in environmental and development work in Kenya.  Her broader interests include the intersection of faith and environmental issues, environmental ethics, and the ways various cultures understand the relationship between humans and the natural world. Joanne has worked as an environmental consultant for various research and writing projects, including the Mennonite Central Committee's 7 Days website, which was later published as Earth Trek: Celebrating and Sustaining God's Creation (Herald Press, 2004). She also serves on the Mennonite Creation Care Network Council and the Peace Advisory Committee for Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba.

Dr. Moyer's office is Room 1048A, Earth Sciences building (5 Bancroft Avenue entrance).  She may be contacted at or 416-978-6535.