Environmental chemist André Simpson wins W.A.E. McBryde medal

Thursday, May 12, 2011 10:31:00 AM

Andre Simpson Photo from www.utsc.utoronto.ca

Professor André Simpson of the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T Scarborough, recently won  the 2011 W.A.E. McBryde medal from the Canadian Society for Chemistry.   He is best known for his groundbreaking work on environmental and geochemical processes at the molecular level and has been recently honoured with several awards and elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of chemical science. In 2004, he co-founded the Environmental NMR Centre at the University of Toronto, a first of its kind in Canada. In 2008, he was ranked in the "Ten to Watch for in 2008" by the Toronto Star.

The W.A.E. McBryde medal is awarded to a young scientist working in Canada who has made a significant achievement in pure or applied analytical chemistry.

For more information on Dr. Simpson's research, please visit: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~asimpson/.

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