M.Env.Sc. Research Topics

(Please note that as of 2010-11, this program was offered by the Dept. of Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T Scarborough.)

The following graduate alumni completed the Master of Environmental Science Professional Program at the former Centre for Environment from 2006-07 to 2009-10. 

For more information on the M.Env.Sc. program, please visit:
http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~envsci/menvsci/ or contact Julie Quenneville, menvsc@utsc.utoronto.ca.

Alexey Gudimov
, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: George Arhonditsis.  Eutrophication Risk Assessment in Hamilton Harbour:  System Analysis and Evaluation of Nutrient Loading  Scenarios.

Bogdan Hlevca, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: Mathew Wells. Influence of the channel width upon the water exchange driven by lake seiches in the coastal wetlands of the Great Lakes.

Monir Hossain, M.Env.Sc., March 2010, supervisor: George Arhonditsis.  Elucidation of Ecosystem Attributes using Ecopath with Ecosim (EWE): Application to an oligotrophic lake in Hokkaido, Japan.

Ibrar Ahmed Khan, M.Env.Sc., June 2010, supervisor: Maria Dittrich.  Role of pH, ionic strength and temperature on cadmium adsorption on cyanobacteria.

Yuko Shimoda, M.Env.Sc., June 2010, supervisor: George Arhonditsis. Our Current Understanding of Lake Ecosystem Response to Climate Change:  What Have We Really Learned from the North Temperate Deep Lakes?

Shamsul Tarafder, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: Carl Mitchell.  Mercury transport through urban watersheds, Toronto Ontario.

Robert Wiedemann, M.Env.Sc.; supervisor: Carl Mitchell. Linking Long-Term Sulphate Deposition to Methylmercury Production in an Experimental Peatland.

The following 2009-10 alumni completed the internship option:
Convocated November 2009:
Krysta-Lee Anderson, Kiran Anwar, John Armour, Edyta Chorostkowska, Theadora Geach, Laura Gail Hill, Farah Hirani, Raluca Hlevca, Ann Marie Jesupillai, Mohammad Tarique Kamal, Jessica Karpowicz, Sepideh Khairkhahi, Hugh Langley, Stephanie Maguire, Megan Mclean, Claire Moura, Karen Mrema, Peter Ng, Alana Phelps, Katherine Pieczora, Yue Qiao, Mathura Ragavan, Anina Sakaguchi, Christian Tenaglia, Caitlin Vanderkooy, Yuan-Ling Wang, Rani Wiedemann, David Young, Joyce Zhang, Maria Zintchenko. 
Convocated March 2010: Melissa Evers, Haruka Shoji, Quentin Stossel. 
Convocated June 2010:  Soo Hyun Chae, Anthony DeSilva-Wijeyeratne, Georgina Kaltenecker, Christopher Murray, Jennifer Owen, Ashish Sarker.

Vincent Cheng
, M.Env.Sc. November 2008; supervisor: George Arhonditsis. A Revisit of Lake Phosphorus Loading Models Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Framework.

Anne Griffith, M.Env.Sc. November 2008; supervisor: Ken Howard. Hydrogeological Modeling for Sustainable Water Management Practices on the Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan.

Tony Law, M.Env.Sc. November 2008; supervisor: George Arhonditsis. Structural Changes in Lake Functioning Induced from Nutrient Loading and Climate Variability.

Sorina Marinescu, M.Env.Sc. June 2009; supervisor: Dudley Williams. Macroinvertebrate Communities in the Freshwater Springs of Central Romania: A Modern Interpretation.

Nicole Ricker, M.Env.Sc. November 2008; supervisor: Roberta Fulthorpe. Characterization of the tfd Gene Cluster in Burkholderia Isolates from Uncontaminated Soil Environments.

Convocated November 2008:  The following alumni completed internships at: Aqua Terre Solutions Inc., Toronto; Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Bermuda; City of Toronto Environment Office; DBA Engineering Ltd., Markham; Environment Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service, Toronto; National Office, Gatineau, Québec; Adaptation and Impacts Research Division, Centre for Environment, U of T; National Water Research Institute, Burlington; Science and Technology Branch, Toronto); Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ottawa; Geep Inc., Barrie; Green Students Fundraising Ltd., Toronto; Health Canada, Ottawa; Intrinsik Environmental Science Inc., Mississauga; Jacques Whitford (Burlington, Ontario and Fredericton, New Brunswick); Komex Worley Parsons, Mississauga; O'Connor Associates Environmental Inc, Oakville; Operation Wallacea, Whitby; Town of Richmond Hill Engineering and Public Works Department; or Vale Inco, Copper Cliff.
Sara Adamkowski, Shabnam Bagher, Amanda Baltimore, Steven Beecraft, Jennifer Bennett, Erin Caplan, Giselle Davidian, Heena Dhawan, Eric El Masri, Adam Griffiths, Kristina Hausmanis, Lilian Hoang, Chi-Wai Andy Lai, Melanie Langille, Mathieu Morin, Na Qu, Jessica Rando, Shaun Sharma, Serguei Stremilov, Pearl Vas, Michael Wallace, Xiaohui Wang, Kirk Wong, Wing-Shun Wu, and Xing Wu.

Convocated June 2009: Centre for the Built Environment, Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, Toronto; Decommissioning Consulting Services Ltd, Richmond Hill; Gartner Lee Limited, Markham; ORTECH Environmental, Mississauga; SNC Lavalin Inc., Toronto; Town of Richmond Hill.
Daniel Gibson, Yvonne Henry, Ilir Liko, Eugent Toni, Christina Wright, Dongming Zhang.

Madiha Saeed
, M.Env.Sc., November 2007; supervisor: Frank Wania, Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T at Scarborough.  Determination of the global distribution of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using passive air samplers and the relationship between population density and PAH concentration.

Lisa Sealock, M.Env.Sc. June 2008; supervisor: Mathew Wells.  Residence timescales and the underlying hydrodynamic processes in Frenchman's Bay, a Lake Ontario coastal embayment. 

Jingyang Zhao, M.Env.Sc., November 2007; supervisor: George Arhonditsis, Physical and Environmental Sciences, U of T at Scarborough.  Competition patterns among phytoplankton functional groups: how useful are the complex mathematical models?

The following alumni completed internships at Conestoga-Rovers & Associates Ltd.; Custom Data Imaging Corporation; Curd Inco Ltd.; Engineering & Public Works, Richmond Hill; Environment Canada; Innovest Strategic Value Advisors; International Development Research Centre; Ontario Ministry of the Environment; City of Toronto; Novopharm, Office of Interprofessional Education, U of T Health Network; Soil Engineers Ltd.; Sustainability Office, U of T Scarborough; Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, or York-Durham Regional Environmental Laboratory:

Andrea Accardo (convocated June 2008); Aamna Arora (Nov 2007); Kristy Chow (Nov 2007); Shaun DeSouza (Nov 2007); Lisa Dumond (Nov 2007); Jamila Elmir (Nov 2007); Sherif Kinawy (Nov 2007); Leanne Kresky (Nov 2007); Yee Ki Esther Lee (June 2008); Sanja Lukic (June 2008); Gladys Mok (Nov 2007); May Quach (Nov 2007); Robert Salemi (June 2008); Dhinesh Sivananthan (June 2008); Nathalie Tauvette (Nov 2007); Allan Truong (Nov 2007); Hiu Ching Elizabeth Tsui (Nov 2007); Sheng Yang (Nov 2007); Xiaohua Yang (Nov 2007). 

Herb Maier
, M.Env.Sc., June 2007; supervisor: Ken Howard.
Modeling the Transient Flow Behaviour in the Hyporheic Zone Resulting From Changes in Stream Stage. 

The following students completed internships at Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Earth Tech Canada Inc., Environment Canada, City of Toronto, IEG Environmental, or Industry Canada.
Marios Avgousti, June 2007; Andrea Berenkey, June 2007; Thea Dickinson, June 2007; Steve Dinka, March 2007; Joey Herrington, March 2007; Ana Jaramillo-Lopez, June 2007; Yui (Tommy) Ma, June 2007; Kathy Plachta, March 2007; and Jennifer Wang, March 2007.