Jane Goodall Institute

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By Tara Allman and Victoria Foote

On April 3, 2014, JGI Canada’s founder, Dr. Jane Goodall, celebrated her 80th birthday. She first became known for her discoveries studying chimpanzees in the 1960s. Today, she is known across the globe for her leadership in conservation and humanitarian work.  

Andria Teather, JGI Canada Chief Executive Officer, and JGI staff are working with partners like the School of the Environment at the University of Toronto to strengthen Dr. Goodall’s legacy. It continues to offer opportunities to students and faculty alike to learn more about their field research and contribute to the conservation of endangered species and ecosystems. 

U of T faculty sit on JGI Canada’s Board of Directors – Professor Shawn Lehman in the Department of Anthropology joined the board in 2013, bringing expertise in primates and conservation.

U of T students volunteer for JGI Canada’s Africa Programs and its community outreach initiatives. They have benefitted from seeing practical applications of academic learning in real-world situations while getting workplace experience.  JGI Canada deeply appreciates the commitment of undergraduate student volunteers Glynnis Abell (French), Daniel Jose(Anthropology) and Kaylah Kranjc (Environment) who provide ongoing assistance with fundraising and communication efforts in support of important campaigns to protect chimpanzee habitat and community-led conservation projects.

In October 2013, student-led U of T Environmental Action (UTEA) and the School of the Environment co-presented Dr. Goodall’s lecture, Reason for Hope: Exploring the Role of Youth in a Changing Climate.  Dr. Goodall then returned to Toronto in March 2014 for U of T Scarborough’s 37th Watts Lecture.      

At a special reception on March 27, 2014, the Jane Goodall Undergraduate Scholarship was presented by Dr. Goodall and Professor Kimberly Strong, Director of the School of the Environment, to Dylan Putzel, a BA student majoring in Environmental Studies and Ethics, Society and Law, and Frank Xu, a BA student majoring in Environmental Studies and Psychology. 

The 2015 scholarship recipients were Christelle Broux, a BSc student majoring in Environment & Science and Physical & Environmental Geography, and Nathan Miller, BA student majoring in Environmental Studies and Urban Studies.  It was presented at a special breakfast in April 2015 with Dr. Goodall and Canadian artist and naturalist Robert Bateman.

JGI continues to offer opportunities for students and faculty to learn about their field research.  Last year, for the fifth year in a row, JGI delivered a guest lecture for Anthropology students at the U of T Mississauga. In addition, Sara Hsiao (JGI Conservation, Research and Education Coordinator) and Dario Merlo (JGI Democratic Republic of Congo’s Field Manager) presented lectures to the U of T St. George campus students.  

JGI’s connection to U of T grows stronger and it looks forward to continuing to strengthen its partnership.

Tara Allman is Manager of Annual Giving and Events and Victoria Foote is Manager of Communications at JGI Canada.