Undergraduate Research

Independent research projects

ENV 492/493H Independent Studies Project
Undergraduate independent research completed in 2013-14:
Tegan Hansen-Hoedeman, Environmental Studies and English. Relationship of Environmental Management and Aboriginal Self-Government in Nunavut. Supervisor: Deborah McGregor, Geography.
Azzam Abu-Rayash, Environmental Science and Neuroscience. Quantitative Analysis of Drumlin Shapes in Southern Ontario. Supervisor: Nick Eyles, PES, U of T Scarborough.
Kurt Hartung, Environmental Studies and Geoscience majors. Analysis of Previous and Current Proposals for Nuclear Waste Storage in Deep Geological Repositories in Canada. Supervisor: Jim Mungall, Earth Sciences. 
Yashwinie Shivanand, Environmental Studies and Ethics, Society & the Law. Federal Government and Environmental Science. Supervisor: Scott Prudham, Geography/Environment. 
Daniel Arancibia (Majors: Environmental Studies, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
1) Freshwater Mussel Population Assessment in the Rouge River and Little Rouge Creek.
2) Historical and Geomorphological Context of Freshwater Mussel Distribution in Rouge River Watershed.  
Supervisor: Helene Cyr, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Emma Cancelliere (Specialist in Biological Anthropology, minor in Environmental Studies)
1) Community Development and Primate Conservation.
2) Conservation and Development: Changing Perspectives Towards Primates in Uganda. Supervisor: Ingrid Stefanovic, Philosophy.

Julia Ercolani (Major in Biology, and Minors in Psychology and in Environmental Studies). Rainforest Conservation in Peruvian Amazon: Are Stage, NGO and Private Actors Unified to Protect Tropical Ecosystems and Those That Depend on Them? 
Supervisor: Christian Abizaid, Geography and Environment.  

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