Appointed and/or Administrative Faculty

Listed below are faculty members who hold administrative positions and/or budgetary appointments at the School of the Environment.

Name Appointment Office Location Contact Info Research Interests
Christian Abizaid Associate Professor, Department of Geography and School of the Environment 5055, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St. Email:
Phone: 416-978-3373

(Home page) Human-environment interactions, environmental conservation and development, cultural ecology, peasant livelihoods in tropical forests, environmental change, human responses to natural hazards and vulnerability, human-induced environmental change, land use and land cover change, Latin America, Amazon, Mexico.

Sarah Finkelstein Academic Associate Director, School of the Environment; Associate Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences 3129, Earth Sciences, 22 Russell St. Email:
Phone: 416-978-5613
(Home page) Climate history and the drivers of ecological change through the analysis of core samples and sediment records
Karen Ing Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, School of the Environment 2098, Earth Sciences building, 33 Willcocks St. Email:
Phone: 416.978.4863
Environmental education, interdisciplinary team teaching, valuing ecosystem services and well-being; incentive mechanisms for provisioning of ecosystem services.
Douglas Macdonald Senior Lecturer, School of the Environment. 
1049B, Earth Sciences building, 5 Bancroft Ave. Email:
Phone: 416.978.1558
(Home page.) Politics of Canadian environmental policy making; waste and pollution policy; the business firm and trade association as environmental policy actors, Canadian national, federal-provincial climate-change policy; environmental legitimacy as a source of political  power; distributive effects, distributive conflict and distributive justice norms associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy.
Kate Neville Assistant Professor, Political Science and School of the Environment 3103, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George St. Email:
Phone: 416 978 0338
(Home page) Global environmental politics, with a focus on the dynamics of state-society-corporate relations, resource governance, and contested water and energy developments. Current work explores hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), pipelines, and land use debates in northern Canada.
Hui Peng Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and School of the Environment Lash Miller 512, 80 St. George Street Email:
Phone: 416-978-4756
(Home page) Dr. Peng’s research is in the area of environmental chemistry and toxicology, with a focus on determining the environmental occurrence of pollutants and their potential health and ecological risks.
Scott Prudham Professor, Geography and School of the Environment.   5007, Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George St. Email:
Phone: 416.978.4975
(Home page.) The commodification of nature; market-based and neoliberal mechanisms for dealing with environmental problems; political ecology, political economy and environmental change; industrial and alternative forestry in western North America; social regulation of commercial biotechnology in agriculture and forestry.
John Robinson Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs and School of the Environment 258, South Building, 1 Devonshire Place Email:
Phone: TBA
(Home page)
Urban sustainability, building sustainability, community engagement processes, and university sustainability programming.  Research focuses on urban sustainability, building sustainability, community engagement processes, and university sustainability programming.
Njal Rollinson

Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and School of the Environment

ES3051, Earth Sciences Building, 25 Willcocks St. Email:
Phone: NA

(Home page)
Evolutionary ecology and conservation; use of long-term monitoring data and metadata to test theory, understand ecological and adaptive processes, and to inform conservation decisions; evolutionary ecology of reptiles, amphibians, and cold-water fish near their northern range limits.

Beth Savan Senior Lecturer Emeritus, School of the Environment.
Sr. Fellow, Massey College

1048A, Earth Sciences bldg, 5 Bancroft Avenue

Phone: NA
(Home page.)  Sustainability planning, energy conservation, changing behaviour to conserve resources, community based research, environmental education and community based social marketing, environmental assessment.
Stephen Scharper Associate Professor, Anthropology, U of T Mississauga; and School of the Environment 2103, Earth Sciences building, 33 Willcocks St. Email:
Phone: 416.978.7433
(Home page.) Environmental ethics, environmental worldviews, liberation theology and ecology, religions and environmentalism, ecological worldviews.
Kimberly Strong

Director, School of the Environment; Professor, Dept. of Physics

1020, Earth Sciences building, 33 Willcocks St. Email:
Phone: 416 978 6526

(Home page.)   The chemical and physical processes driving atmospheric change through remote sounding of atmospheric composition from ground-based, balloon-borne, and satellite platforms. 

Clare Wiseman Associate Professor and Coordinator, Environment and Health Collaborative Program, School of the Environment 2097, Earth Sciences building, 33 Willcocks St. Email:
Phone: 416.978.2972
(Home page.) Metal emissions in urban environments and their human health impacts,
contaminants and urban gardening,  environmental health of vulnerable populations.
Debra Wunch Assistant Professor, Physics and School of the Environment 707A, McLennan Physical Labs, 60 St. George St.  Email:
Phone: 416-946-0408
(Home pageExperimental atmospheric physics, development and construction of remote-sensing experiments to measure trace gas concentrations in the atmosphere
Tanhum Yoreh Assistant Professor, School of the Environment 1048B, 5 Bancroft Ave. Email:
Phone: 416-978-6484
Dr. Yoreh studies the intellectual history of religious-based environmental concepts and their modern application to human behaviour.