Summer Webinar Series 2021: Energy

When and Where

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Angela Bischoff


About the Webinar

Ontario’s Electricity Future – nuclear, gas or renewable? The Ford gov’t is ramping up gas power 500% and dumping tens of billions of dollars into rebuilding 10 aging nuclear reactors and building a new nuclear reactor at Darlington – all while cancelling renewables and conservation programs. This is the wrong direction! The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is advocating for a 100% renewably powered Ontario by 2030. Come out to hear their plan to keep the lights on.


About the Speaker

Angela Bischoff has worked with the environmental non-profit sector for more than 3 decades in 4 Canadian cities on issues ranging from eco-cities, transportation, climate, mental health and elections. She is the Director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, a small but mighty group aiming to move Ontario onto a 100% renewable path. She also practices and teaches yoga, commutes daily by bike, and cares for her aging mother.


How to Join

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Jessica Pinheiro Da Silveira