David Berliner (2009), BSc Specialist in Environment and Health

David Berliner

Additional Degrees

Master of Public Administration, Environmental Science and Policy, Columbia University, 2011 


Co-founder and CEO of CoPower

Career path after graduation?

I was very active in environmental issues as a student. My first job was an offer to continue working on sustainability at U of T, specifically at Hart House. After going back for my Master’s degree, I worked at a clean energy investment firm for two years which provided a great base to start CoPower, which is an online investment platform that works to help Canadians make a positive impact on the world by investing in clean energy.




How did the Environment program influence your career?

My program gave me a scientific base to understand the pressing environmental challenges of our time, and allowed me to dabble in the legal, policy, and financial perspectives. This helped me ultimately decide that the environmental policy/finance area is where I wanted to pursue my career. 

Any career suggestions or advice?

It is amazing how many U of T connections I met in my courses and other activities that I am now reconnecting with professionally. My cohort includes consultants, professors, policy advisors, environmental marketing gurus, engineers. My advice: Make genuine connections with good people and stay in touch!