MES Students: Class of 2023

We are excited to welcome the our first cohort of MES students. Find out more about them and why they chose the School of the Environment


Sicheng Dai, Physical and Environmental Geography
"I was drawn to the MES because of the professional professors and substantial curriculum arrangement."


Matilda Dipieri, Health Studies Specialist; Human Geography Minor
"The MES program brings together diverse, interdisciplinary understandings of sustainability and our environment. It allows students to explore topics that exist at the boundaries of various disciplines but still concern the future of our environment and our interactions with it."


Lilly Flawn, Sustainable Development
"I am interested in environmental justice, ecofeminism, and the relationship between grassroots environmental activism and policy implementation. I am honoured to be part of the inaugural class of the MES program, and I'm looking forward to continuing my studies at 
U of T."


Kristen Ma, Environment, and Geography 
"The MES program integrates core courses on environment and sustainability and different concentrations, allowing us to choose what we want to learn based on our interests and preferences. The research component in this program also interested me, as it will provide me with hands-on experience on the methodologies that can help transit to a low-carbon, more sustainable, and resilient future."


Noshin Nower, Disaster Science and Management
"The most unique feature of the MES program is the interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, which allows us to elect courses relevant to our research interests from various departments."


Anuja Purohit, Honours Political Science; Minor in Environmental Studies
"The MES program appealed to me due to its holistic vision. Particularly, the program’s focus on social sustainability to address issues of democracy, governance and policy implementation."


Nolan Scharper, English Literature, and Environmental Studies
"I was drawn to the MES program because of the opportunity to write a thesis in one year on a theme that I think is profoundly important. I want to be able to return quickly to my chosen career field while still having thoroughly studied my research topic."


Zeina Seaifan, Environmental Science & Diaspora and Transnational Studies
"I was highly interested in the emphasis of interdisciplinary learning conducted through a transdisciplinary lens, and the opportunity to utilize the cross-disciplinary education I received from my undergraduate experience while deepening my understanding of sustainability."

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Marco Antonio Rico Thirion, Civil Engineering
"The MES provides an opportunity to address sustainability in 4 major concentrations based on latest U of T programs across all graduate courses.


Yichen Wu, Environmental Science, and International Forestry 
"The brand-new MES program offers student both academic and professional training in global climate challenges, I was quite honored to join the first MES cohort 2022."