Kristen Ma

Undergraduate Major/Minor

Environment and Geography 

MES Concentration

The Sustainability Transition

Research Interests

In the MES research project, I'm interested in looking into the waste management practices in the city of Toronto, examining the current situation, and analyzing whether the good practices of waste management can be adopted.


Prof. John Robinson





What interested you in the MES program?

The MES program integrates core courses on environment and sustainability and different concentrations, allowing us to choose what we want to learn based on our interests and preferences. The research component in this program also interested me, as it will provide me with hands-on experience on the methodologies that can help transit to a low-carbon, more sustainable, and resilient future.


What do you hope to gain from the MES program?

I hope to gain in-depth and multidisciplinary knowledge on current environmental issues and practical real-life experience that is relevant to sustainable development.

Future Aspirations (career, education, etc.)

Upon successful completion of the program, I plan to work as a sustainability consultant.