MES Students Class of 2024

We are excited to welcome the our second cohort of MES students. Find out more about them and why they chose the School of the Environment


Sawyer Bailly
"I chose the MES because of the opportunity to complete a thesis project on a topic I'm passionate about and gain interdisciplinary research skills.


Aden Fisher
"I was drawn to the opportunity to complete a thesis-based Master's program in 12 months and combine fields of study that were of interest to me including geography, sociology, political science, and environmental studies."


Annika Harley
"I am learning a lot about research methods, best practices for research, and theoretical frameworks. I also learn a lot from my colleagues in the MES cohort."


Maytal S. Lazarovic
I was interested in the MES program because it provided me with the opportunity to complete important research within the time frame of one year. Additionally, the program allowed me to continue to pursue research which I had been involved in during my undergraduate degree."


Erica Leighton
"I was drawn to the MES program for the unique opportunity to continue my education in a mixed course and research-based environment that can be tailored to my research interests and supported by leading experts in the field."

Student smiling outside


Dannia Philipp
"I have come to learn from scholars across different disciplines and sectors that has allowed me to widen my perspectives and approaches to research."


Miriam Shaftoe
" I was drawn to the MES program as an opportunity to complete a thesis-based Master's program in 12 months, where I could take some time to research a topic that connects my past work and research experiences."