MES Program Requirements

The MES is a 12-month degree, starting in September each year. Students undertake research leading to the preparation of a thesis, in conjunction with four core courses, and three electives chosen from one of the MES concentrations.

During their program of study, MES students must complete a total of 4.0 FCE (four full-course equivalents), made up of the required core courses (a total of 2.5 FCE), and three half-credit (1.5 FCE) electives from one of the MES concentrations. Please note that the MES concentrations are a guide to help students understand the nature of the courses offered at the School of the Environment. If the students wish to take electives from outside of their MES concentration they must contact the graduate administrator for next steps.

The required core courses are as follows:

ENV1103H The U of T Campus as a Living Lab of Sustainability (Fall term, 0.5 FCE)
This required course will explore and apply the living lab concept, in the context of operational sustainability at the University of Toronto. We will begin by looking at the literature on university sustainability and the living lab concept. The bulk of the course will involve undertaking an applied research project on some aspect of campus sustainability, working in close partnership with operational staff at the University of Toronto. Students will develop the skills needed to work across disciplines and fields of study, and with non-academic partners.

ENV1197H Research in Environment and Sustainability, Part 1 (Fall term, 0.5 FCE)
This required course will involve initial research to identify and develop the thesis topic, and will bring students together in series of seminars on transdisciplinary research methods in environment and sustainability. Students will prepare a 5-10 page research proposal that includes a description of the research topic, a literature review, a discussion of the proposed methodology, and will be written and approved, along with a selection of concentration, by end of the Fall term.

ENV1198H Research in Environment and Sustainability, Part 2 (Winter term, 0.5 FCE)
This required course will involve research on the thesis topic, developing a detailed research plan and preparing for data collection, fieldwork, or equivalent, based on the research proposal written in the preceding term. Seminars every two weeks will bring the students together for invited talks from faculty members, in which they present examples of recent research projects, and discuss difficulties encountered and how they were overcome.

ENV1199Y Thesis (Summer Term, 1.0 FCE)
This is a required course that students will take in the Summer term, working individually with their supervisor.  It follows on the development of the research proposal and completion of ENV1197 in the Fall term and the completion of ENV1198 in the Winter term.  During the Summer, students will complete their research and write up their thesis by the end of August. The thesis should be no longer than 15,000 words. At the end of the program, students will present their thesis research to faculty and other students at the annual MES Research Showcase.