Graduate Course Schedule

Fall/Winter Courses 2021-22 

A wide range of interdisciplinary courses are available for the Master of Environment & Sustainability (MES) and both Collaborative Specializations offered by the School of the Environment.

Registration for the core course ENV1001H Environmental Decision Making is restricted. To enroll in this course, please contact the Program Assistant & Graduate Student Advisor. If the graduate office or registrar’s office in your home unit requires that you submit the relevant course enrollment form, then you must complete, sign, and submit the PDF iconSGS Add Drop Course Form.pdf when requesting to be enrolled in the core course (ENV1001H) or any other ENV courses offered by the School of the Environment.


September 20: Deadline to add fall (F) and full-year (Y) session courses.
October 25: Deadline to drop fall (F) courses.
January 17: Deadline to add winter (S) session courses.
February 20: Deadline to drop winter (S) and full-year (Y) session courses.

Find important dates and registration deadlines for the entire academic year in the SGS Calendar.

2021-22 Delivery Modes

The Delivery Modes for 2021/22 are pending final decision and will be announced in due course.

In Person (INPER):  A course that has any requirement for in person (face to face, live, real time) attendance at a specific physical location. An in-person course may also have synchronous and/or asynchronous components that can be completed remotely. (Subject to adjustments imposed by public health requirements for physical distancing). When enrolling for this delivery mode, students should use LEC0101 in the Meeting Section on ACORN/ROSI.

Online Synchronous (SYNC):  A course is considered Online Synchronous if online attendance is expected at a specific time for some or all course activities, and attendance at a specific location is not expected for any activities or exams. When enrolling for this delivery mode, students should use LEC9101 in the Meeting Section on ACORN/ROSI.

Asynchronous (ASYNC):  A course is considered Asynchronous if it has no requirement for attendance at a specific time or location for any activities or exams. Components may be online or remote (e.g., reading, writing, etc.). An asynchronous offering is not “self-paced” – there are deadlines/milestones that must be met, but the student can do the work at any time of day or night that suits them.

Recommended technology requirements for remote/online learning.

Course List

The posted course schedule is tentative and freqently updated. The table below includes the previous year(s) syllabi for ENV courses, for reference purpose only. For cross-listed courses with no syllabus link below, please refer to the website of the graduate unit in which it is offered.

Fall/Winter Courses 2021-22

Course Code Course Name Term Instructor Schedule Delivery Mode/Location Syllabus
ENV1001HF Environmental Decision Making Fall 2021 Tanhum Yoreh WED 12 - 3 pm INPER 
UC 261 & UC 179
PDF iconENV1001H_Syllabus_Fall_2021.pdf
ENV1001HS Environmental Decision Making Winter 2022 Steve Easterbrook WED 12 - 3 pm ONLINE PDF iconENV1001H_Syllabus_Winter_2021.pdf
ENV1002HS Environmental Policy Winter   Not Offered 2021-22    
ENV1003HS Global Climate Politics and Policy Winter 2022 Jessica Green TUE 12 - 2 pm INPER
BF 215
ENV1005HS Ecological Statistics Winter 2022 Vianey Leos Barajas THU 10 am - 1 pm INPER 
ES 4000
ENV1007HF The Warming Papers: The Scientific Foundation of Climate Change Fall 2021 Debra Wunch TUE 2 - 4 pm INPER 
UC 67
PDF iconENV1007H_Syllabus_Winter_2021.pdf
ENV1008HS Worldviews and Ecology Winter 2022 Stephen Scharper MON 2 - 4 pm ONLINE  
ENV1103HF Living Labs for Applied Sustainability Fall 2021 Alstan Jakubiec THU 2 - 5 pm INPER 
WB 130
PDF iconENV1103HF Syllabus Fall 2020.pdf
ENV1444HS Capitalist Nature Winter Scott Prudham Not Offered 2021-22   PDF iconENV1444H Syllabus Winter 2021.pdf
ENV1701HF Environmental Law Fall 2021 Graham Rempe TUE 6:30 - 9:30 pm INPER
ES B149
PDF iconENV1701 Syllabus Fall 2021.pdf
ENV1703HS Water Resource Management and Policy Winter   Not Offered 2021-22    
ENV1704HS Environmental Risk Analysis and Management Winter 2022 Christopher Ollson MON 10 am - 1 pm INPER 
UC 152
PDF iconENV1704H Syllabus Winter 2021.pdf
ENV1707HF Environmental Finance and Sustainable Investing Fall 2021 Susan McGeachie

MON 6:30 pm -
8:30 pm

BL 325
PDF iconENV1707H Syllabus Fall 2021.pdf
ENV2000HY Individual Reading & Research Course 2021-2022 Contact Graduate Office N/A    
ENV2002HS Special Topics in Environment: Disasters from an Interdisciplinary Perspective Winter 2022 Robert Soden TUE 3 - 6 pm INPER
OI 4418
ENV3000HF Special Topics in Environment and Health Fall 2021 Contact Graduate Office N/A    
ENV3000HS Special Topics in Environmental and Health Winter 2022 Graduate Graduate Office N/A    
ENV4001HS Graduate Seminars in Environment and Health Winter 2022 Miriam Diamond WED 4 - 7 pm INPER 
SS 2119 & SS 1071
PDF iconENV4001H Syllabus Winter 2021.pdf
ENV4444YY Internship 2021-2022 Contact Graduate Office N/A    
ENV5555YY Research Paper 2021-2022 Contact Graduate Office N/A    
JGE1425HF Livelihoods, Poverty and Environment in the Developing Countries Fall 2021 Christian Abizaid TUE 11 am - 1 pm INPER
PDF iconJGE1425H Syllabus Fall 2021.pdf
JSE1708HS Sustainability and the Western Mind Winter 2022 John Robinson TUE 10 am -12 pm 
THU 10 am - 12 pm
Transit House, 315 Bloor St. West
PDF iconJSE1708H Syllabus Winter 2021.pdf
CHE1435HF Aerosol Physics and Chemistry Fall Arthur Chan Not Offered 2021-22    
CHL5126H​S Building Community Resilience Winter 2022 Blake Poland WED 11:30 am - 1 pm TBA  
CHL5413HF Public Health Sanitation Fall  TBA Not Offered 2021-22    
CHL5416H​F ​Environmental Epidemiology Fall 2021 Loren Vanderlinden, Elaina MacIntyre, Hong Chen, Stephanie Gower TUE 1 -4 pm ONLINE  
CHL5903HS Environmental Health Winter 2022 TBA WED 1 - 4 pm TBA  
CHL5910HF Occupational and Environmental Hygiene I Fall 2021 Paul Bozek WED 9 am - 12 pm ONLINE  
CHL5911HS Occupational and Environmental Hygiene II Winter 2022 Paul Bozek THU 9 am - 12 pm TBA  
CHL5921HS Protecting the Public from Air Pollution Winter 2022 Jeremy Scott, Jeff Brook, Bruce Urch TUE 1 - 4 pm TBA  
CHL7001HS Directed Reading: Critical Perspectives on Climate Change Policy Winter 2022 Elizabeth Sanders FRI 9 am - 12 pm TBA  
CHM1401HF Transport and Fate of Chemical Species in the Environment Fall 2021 Andre Simpson (Coordinator), James Donaldson, Derek Muir, Scott Mabury TUE 9 am - 12 pm INPER
CHM1410HF Analytical Environmental Chemistry Fall 2021 Jessica D'eon TUE & THU
11 am - 12pm

FRI 9:00 am -12:30 pm or 1:15-4:45 pm

Virtual for the first two weeks (Sept 9-23) and in person after that
CHM1415HS Topics in Atmospheric Chemistry Winter 2022 Jonathan Abbatt TUE & THU 9 -10 am INPER
CHM1420HF Environmental Chemistry of Soils Fall 2021 Myrna Simpson WED 9 - 11 am ONLINE  
CHM1425HF Modeling the Fate of Organic Chemicals in the Environment Fall  Frank Wania Not Offered 2021-22    
CIV1399HS Special Studies in Civil Engineering – Climate Change and Implications for Engineering Systems Winter 2022 Monirul Mirza WED 5 - 8 pm INPER
CSC2720HS Systems Thinking for Global Problems Winter Steve Easterbrook Not Offered 2021-22    
FOR1288HS Design and Manufacturing of Biomaterials Winter 2022 Mohini Sain FRI 12 - 3pm INPER
FOR1294HS Bioenergy and Biorefinery Technology Winter 2022 TBA WED 4pm - 6pm INPER
FOR1416HS Forest Fire Danger Rating Winter 2022 Mike Wotton TUE 12 - 2pm INPER
FOR1575HF Urban Forest Conservation Fall 2021 Danijela Puric-Mladenovic WED 4 - 7 pm INPER
GGR1216HF Advanced Biogeochemical Processes Fall Igor Lehnherr Not Offered 2021-22    
GGR1407HF Efficient Use of Energy Fall Danny Harvey Not Offered 2021-22    
GGR1411HS Nature and Justice in the Anthropocene Winter Neera Singh Not Offered 2021-22    
GGR1422HF The Geography of Urban Air Pollution Fall 2021 Matthew Adams MON 10 am - 1 pm ONLINE  
HPS4106HS Technology, Environment, and History Fall Rebecca Woods Not Offered 2021-22    
JFG1610HF Sustainable Forest Management and Certification Fall 2021 Ben Kuttner M 3pm - 6pm INPER
JNC2503HS Environmental Pathways Winter 2022 Charles Jia MON 11 am - 12 pm & THU 12 - 2 pm INPER
JNP1014Y Interdisciplinary Pharmacology Fall 2021-Winter 2022 Peter McPherson TUE 9:00 am - 12 pm INPER
MS 2170 (fall);
GB 119 (winter)
JNP1016HF Graduate Seminar in Toxicology Fall 2021 Cindy Woodland FRI 12:30 - 3:00 pm INPER
MS 4227
JPG1428HS Greening the City: Urban Environmental Planning and Management Winter 2022 Tenley Conway MON 1pm - 3pm INPER 
PDF iconJPG1428H Syllabus Winter 2022.pdf
JPG1818H The Geography and Planning of Climate Action and Activism Fall 2021 Sue Ruddick THU 12-3pm ONLINE  
LHA1197HS The Pedagogy of Food Winter 2022 Jennifer Sumner WED 9 am - 12 pm INPER
MIE1120HS Current Energy Infrastructure and Resources Winter 2022 David Sinton MON 1 - 3 pm INPER
MUS1135HS Music, Sound, Environment Winter Lyndsey Copeland Not Offered 2021-22    
MUS1272HS 19th-Century Music and Discourses of Nature Winter Sherry D. Lee Not Offered 2021-22    
PHY1498HF Introduction to Atmospheric Physics Fall 2021 Paul Kushner TUE 3 - 4 pm &
THU 12 - 1 pm
MP 134
PHY2502HS Climate System Dynamics Winter 2022 W.Richard Peltier TBA INPER
PHY2504HS Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics Winter 2022 Zhan Su MON & WED 9 - 10 am INPER
PHY2505HS Atmospheric Radiative Transfer and Remote Sounding Winter 2022 Kaley Walker TUE 2 - 4 pm  INPER
MP 713
PHY2506HF Data Assimilation and Retrieval Theory Fall 2021 Dylan Jones THU 10 am - 12 pm INPER
MP 505
PLA1601HS Climate Change and Resilience: Planning and Policy Winter 2022 Nidhi Subramanyam MON 3 - 6 pm INPER
POL2213HF Global Environmental Politics Fall Kate Neville Not Offered 2021-22    
RSM2615HS Special Topics in OBHRM: Building Businesses for Sustainability Winter Richard Blundell Not Offered 2021-22    
SJE1919HF Advanced Topics in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Fall 2021 Evelyn Jeruiyot Kipkosge WED 9 am - 12 pm ONLINE