Professional Development

The need for solutions to environmental issues in Canada and globally has never been greater. Energy consumption, climate change, extreme weather, biodiversity loss, land degradation, air pollution, water security, and environmental impacts on human health are among the many challenges we face. At the University of Toronto, we are helping to meet these challenges by providing valuable knowledge, opening new career paths, and helping learners achieve their personal and professional goals.

The School of the Environment at the University of Toronto has developed innovative, completely on-line, distance education courses and certificate programs for those with an interest in the environment. Our programs have been developed in collaboration with industry experts and academic specialists to ensure current and leading edge knowledge and skills. Courses are intended for students of all ages, mid-career professionals, internationally educated professionals augmenting their credentials, and recent college and university graduates seeking to advance their careers.

Starting in 2018, the School of the Environment’s online, distance education courses and certificate programs are henceforth being offered in partnership with the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. Students who began their certificate programs at the School of the Environment can now complete their certificates through the School of Continuing Studies.