Noshin Nower

Undergraduate Major/Minor

Disaster Science and Management

MES Concentration

Global Change Science

Research Interests

My scholarly interests include remote sensing, air pollution, climate resilience, community risk assessment and public health.


Dr. Meredith Franklin

What interested you in the MES program?

The most unique feature of the MES program is the interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, which allows us to elect courses relevant to our research interests from various departments.



What do you hope to gain from the MES program?

I hope to sharpen my skills as an emerging researcher and learn as much as I can from all the places that this program has given me the access to.

Future Aspirations (career, education, etc.)

I wish to pursue a PhD in public health after this masters.

Anything else you'd like to add (interests, hobbies, relevant previous experiences, etc.)

My home is in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a city that is one of the worst in terms of air pollution. I have been a first hand witness of the impact this can have on the respiratory health of any inhabitant. I a extremely grateful to this program for giving me the opportunity to research about a problem that feels extremely personal to me.