Nolan Scharper

Undergraduate Major/Minor

English Literature/Environmental Studies

MES Concentration

 Adaptation and Resilience

Research Interests

My interests focus on ecosystem restoration of Toronto's ravine Systems with a particular focus on the Don Valley. I treat ecosystem restoration as a multifaceted endeavour, which not only rejuvenates ecologies but also serves as a praxis of healing for human communities.


Prof. Tanhum Yoreh

Awards won (going into the MES program)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship



What interested you in the MES program?

I was drawn to the MES program because of the opportunity to write a thesis in one year on a theme that I think is profoundly important. I want to be able to return quickly to my chosen career field while still having thoroughly studied my research topic.

What do you hope to gain from the MES program?

I would like to learn how to effectively communicate to two audiences: those invested in the science of ecological restoration and those interested in the broader, more philosophical and spiritual question of humanity's place in nature. I believe that the practice of ecosystem restoration can help generate connections between these two distinct discourses.  

Future Aspirations (career, education, etc.)

In the future, I would to start my own ecosystem restoration business. I also have aspirations to write a book on different ecosystem restoration projects around the world.

Anything else you'd like to add (interests, hobbies, relevant previous experiences, etc.)

I'm currently working on a music project that features sounds from Toronto's rivers and ravines.