Anuja Purohit

Undergraduate Major/Minor

Honours Political Science; Minor in Environmental Studies

MES Concentration

Social Sustainability

Research Interests

Political ecology, worldviews and ecology, environmental policy and Governance, and sustainable finance. 


Dr. Stephen Scharper

Awards won (going into the MES program)

University of Toronto Book Award and World Wildlife Fund Living Leader




What interested you in the MES program?

The MES program appealed to me due to its holistic vision. Particularly, the program’s focus on social sustainability to address issues of democracy, governance and policy implementation. 


What do you hope to gain from the MES program?

I hope to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the environment and sustainability to tackle the ever-growing slew of environmental challenges facing us. I am most excited to learn from a diverse committee of supervisors to discuss legal solutions to the climate crises. This is in hopes to evolve the legal field around a sustainable way of life to master how to best advocate on behalf of the environment and future generations.

Future Aspirations (career, education, etc.)

Following a successful completion of the program, my future aspirations would be to attend law school. The opportunity will allow me to hold polluters accountable as we face our climate crisis with serious urgency. Although there are many ways for me to advocate for change, I believe that legal and legislative enforcement offers a likely lasting effect.

Anything else you'd like to add (interests, hobbies, relevant previous experiences, etc.)

I’ve previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group as their Principle Investment and Private Equity intern. During my role, I had the opportunity to learn how the industry holds great potential to take the lead in sustainable investing and accelerate the adoption of ESG (Environment, Social and Government) principles. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking and sailing.