Princess Edogiawerie (2019), BSc Major in Environmental Science, and a Minor in Environmental Behaviour

Princess Edogiawerie


Why did you choose to study in the School of the Environment?

I chose to study in the School of the Environment because I was concerned about the current state of the environment and its continual degradation. I personally feel as though it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on the ways in which natural processes interact with each other in order to maintain the health of our planet. I chose Environmental Science because I was particularly interested in climate change and wanted to learn more about the science behind it. In my first year, I took some courses about sustainability, agriculture, and urbanization, which initially sparked my interest in the human impact on the environment. I was already a Psychology major, so I decided to combine my interests with a minor in Environment and Behaviour to delve deeper into human-environment interactions and develop insight into the different approaches to addressing complex environmental issues.

What are some highlights from your studies?

The School of the Environment is a very small community within the larger U of T. This means there were very small class sizes and many opportunities for students to get involved. I enjoyed developing close relationships to both my classmates and my professors. I had the same group of students in almost all of my classes throughout the four years which allowed us to develop strong bonds and lasting memories. With a program like Environmental Science, a lot of field work is expected. This is one of the highlights of the lab courses we were required to take. There were ample opportunities for hands on research, field sampling and not to mention, the field trips were fun! Whether we were sampling aquatic ecosystems or examining soil, I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty! Being a part of the Environmental Students' Union (ENSU) executive board was another highlight of my experience as it allowed me to promote sustainability through the planning of social and academic events.

Another great aspect of this program is the opportunity to develop real world skills by participating in an internship through the professional experience course (ENV440). I have always enjoyed working with children, so naturally my placement was at a children's eco camp, which affirmed for me that I wanted to pursue environmental education. 

What are your plans post graduation?

In September, I will be beginning the Master of Teaching program at OISE with a research focus on Environmental Education. Personally, the best way for me to combine both of my passions (working with children and the environment) is by becoming an educator, which is my long-term goal.