Dean’s Distinguished Long Service Award

University of Toronto


Laurane Harding, recipient of the Dean’s Distinguished Long Service Award, retires on July 31, 2020 after 44 years with the University of Toronto

Laurane Harding, the School of the Environment’s Business Officer, and recipient of the Dean’s Distinguished Long Service Award, has been a pillar of the School, in its various iterations, since its inception. We are pleased to recognize and celebrate Laurane for her dedicated service over her distinguished career. “Aside from the obvious contributions of four decades overseeing and ensuring the smooth operation of an EDU:B that has underwent multiple reorganizations, and holds unique cross-appointments, Laurane deserves special recognition for the good humour and humanity she has brought to the position and the University” says Professor Karen Ing. Professor Ing’s personal interactions with Laurane has spanned almost 30 years, evolving from when she was a graduate student to the present day, where she is now a valued colleague and friend. From those who have worked with Laurane for decades to those who have only known her a few years, the consensus is of a person who displays kindness, patience, professionalism, and faith. She is also a lot of fun.