Just Energy Transition Grant

Climate Positive Energy
2023 - 2025

The transition to a Net-Zero future involves not only reducing our energy demands and lowering GHG emissions, but also ensuring that the adoption of these new solutions continues to serve local and global communities. Supporting research that assists the University, Canada, and the world in reaching our Net-Zero 2050 emissions goals, Climate Positive Energy is pleased to announce the funding of 6 new projects with a total of $300,000 in grants over 2 years. The projects represent 18 interdisciplinary PIs in 6 departments across the tri-campus network, and an opportunity to draw upon the interdisciplinary breadth at U of T and its community partners to investigate the social, political, economic, and climate implications of sustainable energy. We are very excited to announce the following CPE-funded projects.

Several faculty at the School were awarded new research grants, each at approximately $50K, as part of the U of T Climate Positive Energy's Just Energy Transition program:
Robert Soden and colleagues: Exploring Gaps and Requirements to Support More Just Engagement with Energy Modelling for Building Retrofits.

Teresa Kramarz: Accounting for the Extractivist Footprint of EVs: A Comparative Analysis of Local and Transnational ESG Standards Governing Lithium Production.

Kate Neville and colleagues: Assessing opportunities in carbon capture and conversion to fuel technologies for empowering Indigenous-led clean energy projects and Northern utilities.

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