Environment Seminar: Covering Solutions For A Planet In Crisis: In Conversation With Environmental Journalist/Author Adria Vasil

When and Where

Wednesday, December 04, 2019 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Room UC 140
University College Building
15 King’s College Circle Toronto Ontario


Adria Vasil


Abstract: With the planet facing a climate emergency, global recycling infrastructure collapsing and the oceans choking on plastic, the need for environmental journalism is more acute than ever. And yet, fewer media outlets have dedicated environmental journalists. Having worked in the field for over 15 years, Adria Vasil will be discussing the trials and tribulations of covering environmental issues in Canada and the evolving role of solutions journalism in informing environmental decision-making.

Brief Bio: Adria Vasil is a Canadian environmental journalist and the author of the bestselling Ecoholic book series. She started writing the Ecoholic column for NOW Magazine in 2004 and now writes regularly on sustainable business issues for The Toronto Star and Corporate Knights magazine, where she’s currently the managing digital editor. Prior to her career in journalism, Adria worked as a researcher in the nonprofit world tracking corporate abuses in the apparel industry. Adria earned her BA in political science from the University of Toronto and has a postgraduate degree in magazine journalism from Ryerson. She has also been a lecturer at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism.

Some tentative readings:

Here’s a link to most of her pieces at Corporate Knights: https://www.corporateknights.com/voices/adria-vasil/
Compostable plastic piece (print version coming out Nov 8 will have a few updates and sidebars): https://www.corporateknights.com/voices/adria-vasil/can-plant-based-plastics-dig-us-waste-crisis-15695054/
Perhaps of interest, her piece on Covering Climate Now and some editorial decisions she has made as editor: https://www.corporateknights.com/voices/adria-vasil/corporate-knights-joins-global-covering-climate-now-campaign-15686329/
One of her last pieces published in NOW on environmental decision making is again more individually focused: https://nowtoronto.com/lifestyle/is-there-such-thing-as-ethical-ride-hailing-app-uber-lyft/


15 King’s College Circle Toronto Ontario