Environment Seminar: Exceptions And Environmentalism In Protecting Maunakea From The Thirty Meter Telescope

When and Where

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Room SS2102
Sidney Smith Building
100 St. George Street Toronto ON


Uahikea Maile


Uahikea Maile, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Politics, Department of Political Science

Abstract: This talk discusses the protection of Maunakea from the Thirty Meter Telescope, an observatory project funded by Canada, and how environmentalism is weaponized in settler states of exception to criminalize Indigenous land defenders asserting sovereign jurisdiction in Hawaiʻi.

Brief Bio: Dr. David Uahikeaikaleiʻohu Maile is a Kanaka Maoli scholar, activist, and practitioner from Maunawili, Oʻahu. He is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Politics in the Department of Political Science and Affiliate Faculty in the Centre for Indigenous Studies at the University of Toronto.


100 St. George Street Toronto ON