Expectations of Conduct

The School of the Environment is committed to ensuring seminars and other events are welcoming, educational, and free from discrimination and harassment. The following expectations have been developed for all attendees of any seminar or event sponsored or co-sponsored by the School of the Environment.

Expected Behaviour, and Collective Responsibility

All students, speakers, moderators, staff, and members of the public attending our seminars and events, agree by their presence that they will and undertake to:

1. Treat all people with respect and act in a way which does not discriminate against or exclude anyone; be kind and respectful to others; do not insult or put down other attendees.

2. Agree to and follow the standard of behavior expected at each seminar/event, according to what is happening at that seminar/event. For example, arriving on time, not engaging in disruptive behaviour, not interrupting, wearing appropriate clothing, and not shouting.

3. Not use inflammatory language, intimidation or discrimination, abusive verbal and physical harassment, and/or aggressive and disruptive behaviour of any kind.

4. Not use any audio or video recording devices, or taking photos of an individual’s presentation without the presenter’s express permission.


Please be advised that those who engage in inappropriate behavior at the School’s seminars and events will be addressed through the appropriate University policies.