Scholarship recipients recognized at Douglas Pimlott Memorial Lecture

March 28, 2019 by Kiran Champatsingh


Dr. Christina M. Davy speaks at a lectern.
Dr. Christina M. Davy

Dr. Christina M. Davy, a research scientist focused on species at risk at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and an adjunct professor, Trent University, delivered the keynote address at this year’s Douglas Pimlott Memorial Lecture held on March 28, 2019. Dr. Davy explored the effects of white-nose syndrome on endangered bats. “My research applies a holistic approach to understanding the effects of white-nose syndrome on endangered bat populations,” explained Dr. Davy. She emphasized how the integration of genomic, physiological, and field methods allows her team to monitor the response and possible recovery of bat populations affected by white-nose syndrome, and why the key to helping bat populations recover may have nothing to do with white-nose syndrome itself.


Following the lecture Prof. Steve Easterbrook, director of the School of the Environment, Monte Hummel, and Mark Pimlott presented the Douglas Pimlott OSOTF Award; the Douglas Pimlott Entrance Scholarship; and the Douglas Pimlott Graduating Scholarship to students who combined high academic achievement with a demonstrated commitment to social and environmental issues. The Douglas Pimlott awards and scholarships are in honour of Douglas Pimlott, the first Director for the former Environmental Studies Program at Innis College.

Plimlott Award Recipients 2019
Douglas Pimlott Award and Scholarship Recipients. Back row (L-R) Mark Pimlott, Steve Easterbrook, Laura Curran, and Nathan Postma. Front Row (L-R) Grace Ma, Vanessa Rocha, Monte Hummel, Hila Tastasa, and Ruth Midgley.

This year’s recipients are:
Douglas Pimlott OSOTF Award: Laura Curran
Douglas Pimlott Entrance Scholarship: Grace Ma
Douglas Pimlott Entrance Scholarship: Hila Tastasa
Douglas Pimlott Entrance Scholarship: Vanessa Rocha
Douglas Pimlott Graduating Scholarship: Amanda Harvey-Sanchez
Douglas Pimlott Graduating Scholarship: Ruth Midgley
Douglas Pimlott Graduating Scholarship: Nathan Postma