Simon Appolloni

Assistant Professor, School of the Environment


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

•    Ecoanxiety and pedagogies of hope
•    Environmental epistemologies
•    Social and environmental ethics
•    Liberation philosophies


Simon Appolloni received his doctorate in the Study of Religion, in conjunction with the Collaborative Program in Environmental Studies, School of the Environment, University of Toronto. He has taught at the School of the Environment, Humber College and at Brock University. His current research interest lies in understanding and utilizing pedagogies of hope that build resilience within students as they navigate paths toward sustainability. Simon has maintained his pre-doctoral volunteer work within the environmental-social justice not-for-profit sector. 


Ph.D. Religious Studies & Environmental Studies, University of Toronto
Master of Divinity, University of St. Michael’s College
B.Ed., Queen’s University
B.A., Ottawa University