Climate Change and Journalism

This edited collection addresses climate change journalism from the perspective of temporality, showcasing how various timescales—from geology, meteorology, politics, journalism, and livedcultures—interact with journalism around the world. Analyzing the meetings of and schisms between various temporalities as they emerge from reporting on climate change globally, Climate Change and Journal-ism:Negotiating Rifts of Time asks how climate change as a temporal process gets inscribed within the temporalities of journalism. The overarching question of climate change journalism and its relationship to temporality is considered through the themes of environmental justice and slow violence, editorial interventions, eco-logical loss,and political and religious contexts, which are in turn explored through a selection of case studies from the US, France, Thailand, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, and the UK. This is an insightfu lresource forstudents andscholars in the fields of journalism, media studies,environmental communication,and communicationsgenerally.

The book Climate Change and Journalism: Negotiating Rifts of Time edited by Hanna E. Morris and Henrik Bødker was selected by the publisher, Routledge, to be made open access and is now available for free and can be downloaded at Taylor & Francis's website.







  • Henrik Bødker

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