Current Undergraduate Courses

Fall/Winter Courses 2023-24

All of the School’s courses and their prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended preparation courses, as well as the breadth category for the courses, are described in the Arts & Science Calendar entry for the School of the Environment. However, it does not indicate which courses are currently being offered.

Academic Calendar

Look up which courses are being offered in each term, their schedule, their location, and the instructor. Using the “Additional course information” link. You can also view the course description, including whether a course has prerequisites, corequisites, and/or recommended courses. Note that you must enter School of the Environment or a specific course code and term to use this tool.

Course Timetables

Many courses offered by the School of the Environment have enrolment controls. For “E” courses, all students, including those enrolled in School programs, must request enrolment, by emailing the Undergraduate Student Advisor.

ENV440H1 Professional Experience Course

The ENV440H1 Professional Experience Course is now offered in both the summer and the fall. In order to take the course, students must submit an Intake Form for the summer or the fall. Details about the course and the process for obtaining a 70-80 hour academic internship are described at the beginning of the Intake Form. 


ENV440H1 Professional Experience Course Intake Form

Students interested in the Summer cohort must submit the Summer intake form. The deadline is February 26, 2024.

Students interested in the Fall cohort must submit the Fall intake form. The deadline is June 14, 2024.

The table below includes 100, 200, 300, and 400 level course descriptions (ENV, JGE, JEH) from the Arts & Science Calendar and the most recent course syllabi, except for those Winter courses where the instructor for this coming Winter is different from last Winter:

100 Level Courses

Course Code Course Name  Syllabus
ENV100H1-20235.pdf Introduction to Environmental Studies - Summer 2023 PDF iconENV100H1-20235.pdf
ENV100H1-20239.pdf Introduction to Environmental Studies PDF iconENV100H1-20239.pdf
ENV194H1-20241.pdf Topics in Climate Change (new for 2023-24) PDF iconENV194H1-20241.pdf


Environment, Culture and Film (new for 2022-23) PDF iconENV196H1-20241.pdf
Env198H1-20239.pdf Environment & Mental Wellness  PDF iconEnv198H1-20239.pdf
ENV197H1F9 Idleness and the Environment: What Does Sustainable Work Mean? (not offered in 2023-24) PDF iconENV197H1-20229.pdf
ENV199H1F9 Understanding and Debating Current Environmental Issues PDF iconENV199H1-20231.pdf


200 Level Courses

Course Code Course Name Syllabus
ENV200H1-20235.pdf Assessing Global Change - Science and the Environment - Summer 2023            PDF iconENV200H1-20235.pdf
ENV200H1-20241.pdf Assessing Global Change - Science and the Environment  PDF iconENV200H1-20241.pdf
ENV221H1F9 Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Environment PDF iconENV221H1F9 Syllabus.pdf
ENV221H1-20235.pdf Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Environment - Summer 2023

PDF iconENV221H1-20235.pdf


Pathways to Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Approach - Summer 2023

PDF iconENV222H1-20235.pdf


Pathways to Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Approach PDF iconENV222H1-20239.pdf
ENV222H1-20242.pdf Pathways to Sustainability: An Interdisciplinary Approach PDF iconENV222H1-20241.pdf
ENV223H1F9 Fundamental Environmental Skills PDF iconENV223H1F9 Syllabus.pdf
ENV234H1F9 Environmental Biology: Structure and Function of Ecosystems (discontinued and replaced with EEB240H1 Environmental Biology: From Organisms to Ecosystems for 2022-23)   
ENV237H1-ENV238H1-20241.pdf Physics of the Changing Environment A PDF iconENV237H1-ENV238H1-20241.pdf
ENV237H1-ENV238H1-20241.pdf Physics of the Changing Environment B PDF iconENV237H1-ENV238H1-20241.pdf
ENV360H1F9  Is the Internet Green (changed from ENV261H1F9 in 2022-23) (not offered in 2023-24) PDF iconENV360H1-20229.pdf
ENV262H1F9 The Science of Energy in the Environment (not offered in 2023-24)  
ENV281H1F9 Special Topics in the Environment (not offered in 2023-24)  
ENV282H1S1 Special Topics in the Environment (not offered in 2023-24)  
ENV299Y1-ENV399Y1-20239.pdf Research Opportunity Program PDF iconENV299Y1-ENV399Y1-20239.pdf


300 Level Courses

Course Code Course Name Syllabus
ENV307H1-20241.pdf Urban Sustainability PDF iconENV307H1-20241.pdf
ENV316H1-20239.pdf Laboratory and Field Methods in Environmental Science PDF iconENV316H1-20239.pdf
ENV320H1-20241.pdf National Environmental Policy  PDF iconENV320H1-20241.pdf
JGE321H1S1 Multicultural Perspectives on Environmental Management PDF iconJGE 321H1-20231.pdf
ENV322H1-20239.pdf International Environmental Policy PDF iconENV322H1-20239.pdf
ENV323H1-20241 Ontario Environmental Policy PDF iconENV323H1-20241.pdf
ENV330H1S1 Waste Not: Faith-Based Environmentalism (not offered in 2023-24)  PDF iconENV330H1-20231.pdf
JGE331H1-20239.pdf Resource and Environment Theory PDF iconJGE331H1-20239.pdf
ENV333H1-20239 Ecological Worldviews PDF iconENV333H1-20239.pdf
ENV334H1S1 Environmental Biology: Applied Ecology (discontinued as of 2022-23)  
ENV335H1S1 Environmental Design PDF iconENV335H1-20231.pdf
ENV336H1F5 Ecology in Human-Dominated Environments   
ENV337H1-20241.pdf Human Interactions with the Environment PDF iconENV337H1-20241.pdf
ENV338H1F9 Environmental Research Data and Decision-Making  PDF iconENV338H1-20229.pdf
ENV341H1-20239.pdf Environment and Health PDF iconENV341H1-20239.pdf
ENV346H1F9 Terrestrial Energy Systems (joint with Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems) PDF iconENV346H1-20229.pdf
ENV347H1F9 The Power of Economic Ideas (not offered in 2023-24)  
ENV350H1F9 Energy Policy and Environment PDF iconENV350H1-20229.pdf
ENV361H1-20241 Social Media and Environmentalism PDF iconENV361H1-20241.pdf
ENV362H1S1 Energy and Environment: Transitions in History (not offered in 2023-24) PDF iconENV362H1-20231.pdf
ENV381H1F9 Special Topics in Environment (offered as ENV381H1Y in Summer, 2024) PDF iconENV381H1Y-20245.pdf
ENV395Y0F5 Special Topics Field Course - Ecuador (Summer Abroad)  PDF iconENV395Y0.pdf
ENV396H0S5 Special Topics Field Course - Australia - Exploring the Human Impact on the Natural environment (Summer Abroad)   
ENV397Y0-20235 Special Topics Field Course - Costa Rica - A Living Laboratory for Sustainability in Practice (Summer Abroad)  PDF iconENV397Y0-20235.pdf
ENV299Y1-ENV399Y1-20239.pdf Research Opportunity Program PDF icon299Y1-ENV399Y1-20239.pdf


400 Level Courses

Course Code Course Name Syllabus
ENV411H1-20241.pdf Sustainability Thinking PDF iconENV411H1-20241.pdf

Community Research for Social & Environmental (Change from ENV421H1 as of 2022-23)

PDF iconENV421Y1-20239.pdf
ENV422H1F9 Environmental Law PDF iconENV422H1-20229.pdf
ENV430H1F9 Environment and Health in Vulnerable Populations (not offered in 2023-24)  
ENV431H1F9 Urban Sustainability and Ecological Technology (not offered in 2023-24)  
ENV432H1F9 Urban Ecology (not offered in 2023-24) PDF iconENV432H1-20229.pdf
ENV440H1-2024.pdf Professional Experience Course PDF iconENV440H1-2024.pdf
ENV451H1-20239.pdf Current Environmental Topics PDF iconENV451H1-20239.pdf
ENV452H1-20241 Environmental Science Seminar PDF iconENV452H1-20241.pdf
JEH455H1-20241.pdf Current Issues in Environment and Health PDF iconJEH 455H1-20241.pdf
ENV461H1-20239.pdf The U of T Campus as a Living Lab of Sustainability PDF iconENV461H1-20239.pdf
ENV462H1-20241.pdf Energy and Environment: Economics, Politics and Sustainability PDF iconENV462H1-20241.pdf
ENV463H1-20239.pdf Edible Campus (New course for 2023-24) PDF iconENV463H1-20239.pdf
ENV481H1F9  Special Topics in the Environment -  Environmental Justice in an Age of Crisis (not offered in 2023-24) PDF iconENV481H1F9.pdf
ENV482H1S1 Special Topics in the Environment (offered, with permission from instructor, as grad course ENV1108HS) (not offered in 2023-24) PDF iconENV1008H-20231.pdf
ENV491Y1.docx Independent Studies Project  PDF iconENV491Y1.docx
ENV492H1-ENV493H1.docx Independent Studies Project PDF iconENV492H1-ENV493H1.docx