Our Students

 Below you'll find examples of how our students customized their degrees to suit their interests and what they found most meaningful about their experiences at the School of the Environment.

Nicholas Chum in a graduation gown.

Nicholas Chum

BA Major in Environmental Studies, Minors in Biology, Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health

“In ENV322 (International Environmental Policy) I was challenged to debate among peers. I was completely scared, but in the end, my teammates backed me up and it went through flawlessly! I felt so proud of myself and more confident ever since that day.”

Charlotte Craig

Charlotte Craig

BSc Major in Environmental Studies, and Forestry Conservation Science, Minor Environmental Biology

“While acting as co-president with the Environmental Student Union (ENSU), I had so many great memories with students. The leaders of tomorrow are in this school, it is important that we look after them.”

Danyal Damroodi

Danyal Damroodi

Hons. BSc Specialist in Environment and Health, Minor in Environmental Studies

“Being interested in both human health and environmental science, I wanted to find a program that married the two and examined their interactions. Luckily, the School of Environment had an Environment and Health program and so I enrolled.”

Kira James seated in the window of a restaurant.

Kira James

BA Specialist in Architecture, Major in Environmental Studies, Minor in Environmental Geography

"I was interested in the School of the Environment because I wanted to study the intersections between environmentalism and architecture, specifically how we move towards making our built environment sustainable."

Maria Greco wearing a graduation gown.

Maria Greco

BA Major in Environment Ethics and Equity Studies, Minor in Sexual Diversity Studies

“I wanted to learn about my own personal and community impact on the environment living in a city as big as Toronto. As well, to learn about the correlation between issues of the environment and issues of equity.”

Anne-Marie Macloughlin seated with a pen in her mouth.
Anne-Marie Macloughlin

Major in Environmental Studies, and Book and Media Studies, Minor in Drama and Performance

"It is the best place to acquire a first-class education in the most important issues that face humanity."

Gabriela Tatiana Corella Morocho smiling.

Gabriela Tatiana Corella Morocho

BSc Major in Environmental Science, and Environment and Health

“We depend on nature and it is our responsibility to take care of it. We can’t compromise the natural resources for the next generations, that is why I think we need to take intelligent actions."

Jaden Phillips wearing a baseball hat giving the peace sign.

Jaden Phillips

Hons. BSc Double Major in Environmental Science and Psychology

“The small program size made it very tight knit community. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many likeminded people with a zeal to protect our planet and tackle the environmental crisis.”

Vanessa Rocha Cabuyales standing in front of University College.

Vanessa Rocha

BSc Major in Environmental Science, Major in Forestry Biomaterials, Minor in Environmental Biology

"I decided to study in the School of the Environment because it has a good reputation for its research productivity, excellence in teaching and learning, international collaborations, and is supportive of students in many ways."

Sukanya Sharma on the athletic field with the CN Tower in the background.

Sukanya Sharma

BSc Double Major in Environment and Health, and Neuroscience, Minor in Physiology

“I didn’t think I would be as interested in the program, but the program is so broad, I had the freedom to choose from SO MANY courses.”

Haushe Suganthan

Haushe Suganthan

BSc Double Major in Environment and Health, Human Biology, Minor in Immunology

“Although I came into U of T with a keen interest in Life Sciences, I was able to really broaden my understanding and interests through taking courses in varying disciplines through the School of the Environment.”

Yi Fan Yin-Cheng

Yi Fan Yin-Cheng

BA Majors in Environmental Studies, and in Equity Studies, Minor in Human Geography

"I enjoyed networking with other liked-minded individuals, and ultimately seeing the creativity and the passion from students and student groups at the University who are committed to sustainability through a diversity of different ways."