Chouinard Chimniak (2022), Hons. BA Major in Environmental Studies

Chouinard Chimniak

Why did you choose to study in the School of the Environment?

To develop skills that will help form solutions to the environmental issues our planet faces, as well as meet like-minded students from around the world.

What is your favorite memory from your time with the School?

My first class ever, ENV100 with Professor Simon Appolloni. He was a fantastic teacher and was able to explain current environmental problems without making students feel hopeless or discouraged. He also taught me to examine problems from many perspectives, and to search for solutions that fit each angle rather than one big fix. It was an incredible starting point for my time in the School of the Environment.

How have you been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic? What are your thoughts about the future?

It was frustrating to have many of my plans such as studying abroad or summer internships thrown off course, but if one positive thing can come out of the world's pandemic experience, I hope it is that people realize the necessity of cooperation. The best way to solve overwhelming problems like Covid-19 or climate change is by working together to achieve beneficial results efficiently and safely.