Class of 2022 Perspectives

Congratulations Class of 2022

The School of the Environment recognizes the achievement and resiliency of our 2022 graduating class. Graduation is the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice. It is a celebration to be shared with family and friends. We are incredibly proud of our students and hope you enjoy finding out more about them.

Hana Baig


Hana Baig (2022), Hons. BSc Double Major Environment and Health and Cell and Molecular Biology
The School of Environment made me think about environmental systems from many perspectives: biology, chemistry, policy, and health."

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Sophie Berkowitz (2022), BSc Major in Environmental Science, and Double Minor in Statistics, and Environmental Energy
"My favorit memory was going on the ENV234 Field Trip to the Koffler Scientific Reserve and getting to know my peers while practicing our coursework in the field."

Chouinard Chimniak


Chouinard Chimniak (2022), Hons. BA Major in Environmental Studies
"I chose the School of the Environment to develop skills that will help form solutions to the environmental issues our planet faces and to meet like-minded students from around the world."

Namee Choi


Namee Choi (2022), BSc double Major in Environmental Science, and Earth and Environmental Systems, Minor in Environmental Ethics
"The School of the Environment allowed me to explore my many interests in environmental research and activism, and the tight-knit community allowed me to foster amazing relationships with like-minded individuals."

Noah Foster


Noah Foster (2022), BA double Major in Environmental Studies, and Women & Gender Studies, Minor in Indigenous Studies
"I have always had a love for nature, and through my degree program, I have been able to study and learn about the ways that social justice intersects with environmental issues."

Nuki Gioradze


Nuki Giorgadze (2022), double Major in Environmental Studies, and Human Geography
"I chose to study in the School of the Environment as living harmoniously among the natural environment is the core goal towards a sustainable future."

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Ramsha Junaid (2022), BSc Specialist in Environmental Chemistry, and a Minor in Environmental Studies
"Looking to the future I believe we need to realize the importance of coming together as a community and redeeming our relationship with each other and with the planet around us." 

Jasmine Lambert

Jasmine Lambert (2022), BA double Major in Environmental Studies; and Peace, Conflict, and Justice; Minor in Human Geography; and a Certificate of Sustainability
"My favourite memory with the School of the Environment is being able to complete a work placement with a wonderful non-governmental organization through the School. Having hands-on experience in a professional work environment was so helpful and engaging, and really helped me narrow down what I want to do in the future."

Alex Lessard


Alexa Lessard (2022), BSc Major in Environmental Science, Minor in Biology, and a Minor in Environmental Ethics
I chose the School of the Environment because I wanted to learn about all the complexities involved in environmental processes to potentially use that knowledge to do my part in helping protect our planet while we still have the opportunity.

Chenfie Liu


Chenfei Liu (2022), Hons. BSc double Major in Global Health and Environment and Health, Minor in Immunology
"The program showed me the close link between nature and humans. Everyone should treat nature with love and respect."


Jessie Pan


Jessie Pan (2022), Hons. BA Specialist in Architectural Studies, Minor in Environmental Studies
"As an architecture student, we have a responsibility to be mindful towards the environmental impact of buildings. My concern for the enviornment led me to minor in Environmental studies where I wanted to learn more about environmental sustainability and how to design for the future."

Anna Shalin


Anna Shalin (2022), BSc Specialist in Environment & Toxicology
"I liked that the School of the Environment offered an interdisciplinary program that touched on both of my favorite subjects; environment and toxicology. I also liked how much freedom I had in course selection and the wide variety of interesting classes that I could take."