Noah Foster (2022), BA double Major in Environmental Studies, and Women & Gender Studies, Minor in Indigenous Studies

Noah Foster

Why did you choose to study in the School of the Environment?

I have always had a love for nature, and through my degree program, I have been able to study and learn about the ways that social justice intersects with environmental issues.

What is your favorite memory from your time with the School?

In first year, I was part of the TrinOne Butterfield Environment and Sustainability stream. We went on a field trip to Koffler Scientific Reserve and saw snapping turtles and painted midland turtles. It was an incredible trip, and it inspired me to write my research proposal on the turtles we saw that day.

How have you been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic? What are your thoughts about the future?

I have been incredibly lucky to have the family I have during this pandemic. I have also been so pleasantly surprised at the environmental benefits we have seen from remote work. It gives me further hope that we can create collective change by pushing companies to make a difference. I believe a return to Indigenous knowledges will be essential to this process.