ENV1001: Increasing Cycling in Canada - Who Gets to Choose How They Travel? with Dr. Beth Savan

When and Where

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm


Dr. Beth Savan


About the Seminar

A key strategy to reduce GHG emissions is the replacement of vehicle trips by people-powered transportation, which also improves health and revitalizes local economies. A cross Canada study explored the most effective ways to promote this transition, with a focus on cycling. Our research uncovered the diverse factors which can promote uptake, persistence and longer distance cycling. Different theories provide insights into how these factors fit together to enable change. Individuals, institutions, community groups and all levels of government each need to play a role in moving us towards a more sustainable, healthy and climate friendly way to get around.

About the Speaker
BETH SAVAN, Ph.D Beth Savan is on the faculty of the School of Environment at the University of Toronto, is an award-winning teacher and broadcaster and has been active as a government advisor, on Environmental Non-Governmental Organization boards and on foundation grants committees. She was the inaugural Sustainability Director at the University’s St. George campus, where she was responsible for establishing the Sustainability Office and managing its staff, for engaging over three thousand students a year in sustainability activities on campus, and for overseeing energy and resource conservation programs. Beth leads the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank research team, and consults extensively on cycling, sustainability and resource conservation planning, design and implementation with municipal, provincial and institutional clients. Her current research focuses on understanding how to accelerate adoption of cycling for transportation in neighbourhoods with few transportation options. She has partnered with numerous community and not for profit partners for many years, working with a team to evaluate and strengthen initiatives giving newcomers and other suburban residents access to a bicycle, accessories and an experienced host to guide them in exploring the city on two wheels.

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