ENV4001 Seminar: 9-11 What We've Learned About Exposures and Health Impacts with Christine Oliver, Heidi Singer and Paul Bozek

When and Where

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Christine Oliver, Heidi Singer and Paul Bozek


About the Seminar

The exposures to first responders and the general public to releases of asbestos, silica and by-products of combustion from the terrorist attacks of 9-11 will be discussed along with changes to firefighters health protection that in part, was due to experiences of that day.

Former journalist Heidi Singer rushed to the World Trade Center from her home in Brooklyn minutes after the planes hit the Twin Towers. She recounts her experiences volunteering on the 'bucket brigade' with minimal PPE, and later developing health effects including a diagnosis of cancer believed to be linked to her exposures.

About the Speakers

Professor Bozek is an occupational hygienist and engineer. As program director for the Master of Public Health program in Occupational & Environmental Health he also teaches graduate students in exposure assessments and control techniques for chemical, biological and physical agents that affect the health of those at work and the public who are exposed to industrial pollutants. Paul is Past President of the Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario and chairs the national accreditation examination committee for the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists.

Heidi Singer worked for a decade as a newspaper reporter in New York City, then as Director of Publications and Graphic Design at The New York Public Library. A U of T graduate, she has worked in communications at the University since 2014, in the Faculty of Medicine and currently as Director of Communications at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

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