A Living Systems Approach to Sustainability Pedagogy

When and Where

Monday, January 29, 2024 11:00 am to 12:15 pm
Room ES1042 (main floor)
Earth Sciences Centre
5 Bancroft Avenue and Zoom


Nicole Spiegelaar



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In this talk I will share my process-oriented research journey using complex adaptive systems theory and transdisciplinary knowledge integration to address sustainability imbalances. I will briefly review past research on the natural environment as a living systems model for mental wellness shaped by Indigenous Knowledge of the James Bay Cree, Environmental Psychology and Ecosystems Science. I will then share how I have applied this living systems approach to sustainability programming; notably, how this shows up in my approach to teaching, research, and program administration.


Nicole Spiegelaar is an Assistant Professor in the Teaching Stream with the School of the Environment and Trinity College. She is the Academic Director of Trinity’s Integrated Sustainability Initiative, and co-leads the Sustainability Pedagogy Community of Practice for U of T faculty and doctoral students. 



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5 Bancroft Avenue and Zoom